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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 22


Laura's learns that stress can cause a multitude of effects, and doesn't always induce a larger appetite 

So this week my stress levels have been through the roof, and that makes eating a meal virtually impossible unless it’s soup! As I’m not sure why but my band seems even tighter when I’m stressed like the muscles just don’t cooperate!? So I’d sit down for meal and push it away after a mouthful or two! I had another family members funeral which was so hard after my grandads and watching ones you love hurt even more just was the worst. So I availed eating at the wake as I knew for sure anything would get stuck as my stomach felt twisted. I made a pasta meal because I knew from before that would at least go down! The rest of the week I had either soup or pasta because I have learnt that if I try to force myself to carry on eating when it’s getting stuck it just won’t allow anything down not even water, and trust me a spraying of water coming back up water for no one lol. I lost the weight of previous put on and am back down to 2stone 9lb loss which I’m happy about but I’m still up and down and really need to book in my next band adjustment as I’m over due, I’ve had a very hectic month and I’m hoping things start to slow down, but it’s my birthday in a couple of days so I doubt it haha.

Laura xx

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