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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 24


Nurse Maxine saves the day and with some really helpful meal ideas 

I started the week with a catch up with the healthier weight Nurse and talked about how I was getting on. It was so lovely to feel I wasn’t alone and my worries and struggles are perfectly normal! We spoke about damage limitations as I’ve had such a rubbish few months which were pretty hectic and stressful, something I didn’t think would effect my band and my eating habits but I really had. We also spoke about having 70% protein daily and grab to go snacks. Small but fast and handy. I’ll put a list below.

I went out for a meal and had prawns and turkey. The starters were small so that was fine, I shipped my potatoes over to my sister’s plate and left my Yorkshire pudding. It just ate slow and cut into tiny pieces and it was fine, I danced a lot so definitely burnt off some extra energy! The next day I came down with flu type symptoms and felt horrid. So I’ve not done too much the past two days as I feel horrid and hoping it passes quickly!

Low carb/sugar food ideas from Maxine:

  • Your own tuna with low fat mayo in a little box that you could have with a couple of crackers 
  • Mini baby bel light cheeses 
  • Tub of low fat cottage cheese with a couple of crackers 
  • Oatcakes and a banana 
  • 0% fat greek yoghurt like Skyr or FAGE Total or liberte 
  • Pre packaged cold deli meats like chicken or ham 
  • Hummus and veggie sticks 


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