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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 25


Laura's finding food wastage a real struggle and notices her snacking has made a return

So I started this week off feeling rather fluey- if that’s a word! But for some reason for a couple of days I had what only can be described as the dreaded ‘munchies’. I didn’t want any meals, just things I could snack on which isn’t what I wanted to do! I think my body just wanted energy and clearly in the wrong form. I didn’t overdo it as I was aware of it, which is a huge difference to the past! I started feeling better a couple of days later which is good!

I’m still doing the school run walk (40 min fast walk). I’m making sure I get that extra exercise in.  We went to London on the weekend and walked over 20,000 steps! As it was food on the go most of the day, I didn’t eat much as from my past blogs you may know that I don’t cope well eating on the go. I think the limited time and type of food available ‘on the go’ just isn’t band friendly. I don’t take snacks with me because unless it was yoghurt or similar, I’d only be able to have a bite or two! So, I shared my meals with my mum and didn’t feel so bad about only eating a few bites as she would eat what would have been wasted! I think food waste is also a huge issue for me. I was raised to ‘eat it all’ as it’s either rude or there are others who are starving! Maybe it was only one or two remarks as a child, but they must of stuck so it’s really been eye opening to feel these feelings of guilt of not finishing my food now. I still find myself in public or at someone else’s house scraping my left over food into the smallest pile I could to look less, which is crazy! You can ask for smaller portions but they still give you too much and if you can’t eat it you simply can’t. I need to just be OK with that, but also try and undo any of that thinking in my children too as I’m sure I tell them the same thing, it’s all just learnt behaviour and it’s been really interesting to find Things I can unpick about my self and change. That’s the biggest thing is knowing you can change it! I lost 1lb this week but I’m thinking more will come off next week.


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