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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 26


Laura is officially 6 months post-op and more of Maxine's top tips

So I can’t quite believe 6 months have passed, to be honest. When I look back, I actually got the band fitted at one of the most stressful and hectic times in my life. Goodness knows what I was thinking! But now 6 months on and things are settling down, I’m thankful I did choose to do it then as I definitely would be at least a stone heavier than when I first had the band fitted. As stress has always been a trigger to comfort eat.

I’m still just over 2 stone down and I was hoping for more by now, but even thinking what’s gone on in that time I’m completely happy with that loss so far. I have 3 stone to lose still and I aim to hit it by my 1-year mark. I am going to join a gym in a couple of weeks and plan my meals and snacks and get so much more protein in. If you are thinking the band is a magic wand and will instantly lose all your weight (as I did at the beginning), then you may be in for a surprise. Although it will restrict what type of foods you can eat and portions of that texture, what it won’t do is change your habits or food choices. This is all you, if you eat chocolate and ice cream every day (very easy to eat with no restriction), then you won’t lose any weight. Learn from my mistakes! Snacking has, and still can be, my downfall. I’m working on substituting snacks for protein or low-fat snacks as I’d rather graze now than eat full meals as I’m in such a rush all the time. In the evenings I love to grab a drink and a snack (generally not a good one) so I need to stop my evening snacking completely. It’s all habit and the new year will bring me time to start afresh and move forward and put this horrid year behind me. With my band in place, I’m already onto a head start. Here are my top 10 tips I’ve found these past 6 months.

  1. To slow eating down, sit down for meals and be conscious of how your eating.
  2. Cut food into at least half bite size as if you accidentally forget to chew it shouldn’t get stuck!
  3. Contact the nurses regular for advice! As much as o thought I can, I certainly can’t do this on my own.
  4. If you don’t lose weight or gain, don’t get too disheartened, just be aware and move on.
  5. Plan plan plan! My weakness… I’m still working on this, plan meals & snacks always!
  6. Up your activity, again working on this, winter is not the most motivational time but it really does help with the loss even if it’s a half hour walk a day!
  7. Don’t be hard on yourself, I’ve had a stressful 6 month and my food choices are not the best but in the grand scheme of everything if I have a bad week then it’s fine I just move forward.
  8. Be open about having a band, it’s not a cheat, I know this for sure as I’ve lost yet gained weight if I don’t follow the rules! You are still involuntarily and responsible for your loss so be open and talk about it freely, also stops the pressure of overeating or leaving food.
  9. Eat 70% protein each meal if you are wanting good weight loss and keep your liver from holding extra fluid.
  10. Carry protein snacks in your bag at all times as you never know when you will be caught out or unable to eat what offered. Ie baby bel, nuts, chicken, tuna mayo.

I maintained this week and as it’s Christmas/new year I’m writing off these next 2 weeks and planning to do damage limitations by choosing a bit wiser but enjoying the holiday, I won’t be overeating as you really can’t but I’m going to try and avoid chocolate as much as possible and with 4 children it’s going to be torture haha but I don’t want to undo my hard work. I’m looking forward to having family time and it will be interesting to see how eating and celebrating go hand in hand.

Laura xx

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