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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 28


Laura gets the festive period over with and starts to make plans for a healthy new year.

Last week I was actually quite good considering I’d given myself a break. I’d not overindulged or craved much at all. Christmas Day we had a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings, and I took my time and actually ate more than I thought I could. Maybe taking that much time wasn’t the best thing to do, but nothing got stuck!

I had Christmas pudding and cream and I was more than satisfied after a 3-course meal. It was the most I’ve eaten since having my band. May have been over the period of 2/3 hours but still, it was a lot. In hindsight a lot less than I normally would. I did find I didn’t snack on chocolates or biscuits though as I was full and in the evening. I had 4 crackers with pate and that was it! Previously I’d be snacking all evening until I was in a food coma haha!

Boxing Day was another family party, and again I didn’t eat huge deal as it was all buttery food and I don’t cope too well with that. We had a chill day and I did absolutely nothing! This is more sabotaging than eating chocolate as although I know I needed to rest, just doing nothing and letting whatever I’d eaten in the past 3 days just add to my weight will be what gets me for sure! I did eat chocolate and crisps but not as many as I would of as every time I eat ‘junk’. I feel so lethargic and sickly it’s horrid. We went to a friend's house and we had a meal but nothing healthy. The next day we went to a shopping center and we walked for hours and it felt good! We didn’t go home and have a Chinese, thank goodness!

I then had another chill day doing absolutely nothing (what is wrong with me!?). As I say I contemplated my band and my food choices. I ordered the weekly shop and I ordered lots of protein, lots of handy snacks to take on the go, things that I can grab with no planning and no risk to upsetting my diet. Having a total of 3 chill days over a 10-day period has made me feel so sluggish that I cannot wait to get back on track and watching what I’m eating and being more active! I know I had to give myself some slack to just get through the festive period, and I think I did well to not just eat rubbish all day long, but definitely more activity was needed. I survived and 2018 is now upon us and I can’t wait to start afresh with fresh eyes and knowing my band is NOT the solution, just a tool. I need to utilize it if I really want to shift my weight and become the healthier me that I deserve to give to myself. Happy new year!  

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