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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 29


Although there's a little gain for Laura this week, she's still keeping positive and learning more about her body, and her band, every day

So as predicted I did gain a couple of extra pounds but it wasn’t anything disastrous so I’m pretty happy with that. My fridge and snack tub is full of high protein so I’m prepared to get this weight loss on a fast burner. I’ve invested in some weights to tone my arms and legs as my skin isn’t bouncing back as it used to! Hoping in time it will but I’ve always suffered from less elasticity than most and have horrid stretch thick  marks everywhere. I’m letting the children eat any Christmas goodies just so they are out the way, I purposely didn’t buy in much at all this year as I knew family would gift lots so I managed to ship some off at boxing day and New Year’s Eve. Just because my mind knows it’s there and will jiggle me to get it even when I don’t want it or particularly like it! The mind is a crazy thing but that snack monster likes to try it’s best haha.

I feel more focused 2018 is now here and I can move forward with my weight loss and learn to work with my band, 6 months in and I’m still learning about it and my body. It’s definitely a journey with its ups and down and learning it’s me that has to be in control. Hoping to get this extra gained weight off within the next 2 weeks but I’m very positive. 

Laura xx

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