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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 3


Tip of the week
Your body can do more than you think and you will fell so much better for moving about!

Day 15

Today is the first day of pureed food. Whoop whoop! To be honest I’m still not hungry. I mean I fancy the smell of something cooking but I don’t want to devour it as I normally would ha-ha. 

I’m going away on a business trip Friday so I need to start building my energy and stamina. I went out to look for some bits I needed for the trip. I walked around and when I felt faint so I stopped and had a drink. I managed a couple of hours walking so it was good. 

I had mashed sweet potato with tiny shredded bits of chicken which was marinated in piri piri. I had about 4 tablespoons and I was full! The feeling of full is completely different. It’s indigestion that goes through to the back, and right by your breast bone. It’s just uncomfortable so I stopped as soon as I felt it. I waited 15mins before I had a small drink. I’m really happy how it went. I weighed my self today and Ive lost 7lbs this week! That’s 9lb in total (12lbs since I started the pre op diet). I’ve taken photos and not sure if I see a difference just yet but I’m still a little sore and swollen. I was hoping for more of a weight loss but so happy I’m actually losing!

Day 16

Today I just felt a little sore and achy and just wanted to stay in bed, so I compromised at a chilled morning and had a yoghurt for breakfast and did a bit of work from my bed. I then got up and had a short walk with the dog. It feels good to be getting back to normal, I just think I'm healing a little slower than most people. I had a pouch of 100% pureed fruit… ok I'll be honest it was a pouch of baby food.. Don’t judge ha-ha. But it was just apple and it was really nice! So I bought some more to store in the fridge for my go-to quick food. I mean if it’s healthy enough for 4 month old babies then I’m good :D

I had pureed Bolognese for tea. 4 tablespoons again and it was just enough. It was so good to get the taste of real food and eat what everyone else was eating too.

Day 17

Went to my Grandad's again today. Managed to potter around and get him bits he needed doing. Bending is still very uncomfortable if I keep doing it or do it too fast so I just try and avoid doing it, just like when I was heavily pregnant and gave up on anything I dropped ha-ha. 

I had half the inside of a jacket potatoes and beans and I still couldn’t eat it all. It really sat funny for a while so I had to walk it off. Maybe I ate too fast? It took a half hour walk to get it to shift. I skipped my tea as I just wasn’t hungry. I had to also take laxatives today as I haven’t been for a few days and it worked well. I think the lack of food and less fluids are why.

Day 18

Today Im off to training and had to travel by car for 4 hours, it wasn’t too bad but my wounds started aching the last hour and was a relief to stand up. I had to meet and greet, and stand and sit for a couple of hours before going to my room to get ready for the evening. I’m sticking to fruit juice and water this whole weekend. Mid evening we had a buffet style dinner and I had a spoon of tuna mayo and some pureed curry kind of thing. No idea what it was but it was lovely! They were the only pureed soft food there so I had them. I did feel a little awkward with this huge plate and 2 dollops of food on my plate, but I just acted like it was completely normal and the eyes stopped looking ha-ha.

Day 19

This morning was a super early start and for breakfast I ordered scrambled egg. Would help if the waiters didn’t keep repeating or trying to add more to my order. 'No, I just want scrambled egg please!' Well it was lovely, but I think they felt I needed a big portion and only ate half! Had 4 hours of training, there wasn’t anything at lunch I could have but thankfully I packed my trusty baby food and sat and sucked on a pouch while everyone else tucked into steak ciabattas. It looked amazing but I wasn’t hungry so it wasn’t too bad. We had another 4 hours of training before getting ready to go for dinner. Most of the party went cocktail making but as I wasn’t drinking and sitting for such a huge amount of time my back and tummy were actually hurting so I stayed behind and had lay down and a peppermint tea before I got ready. I was so thankful I did. 

One thing was, I was laughing so so hard I popped one of my small wounds it was oozing a bit. It has been the only wound to play up so I jumped in the shower and washed it out and patted it dry hoping it wouldn’t get infected. We walked to the restaurant and stupidly wore high heels it was all up a really steep hill, that was an effort! I felt really good in my dress so it was amazing. I had pre-ordered French onion soup and sorbet. When the soup came it had cheesy bread floating on top as it normally would so I fished it out, the soup was lovely till I stuck my spoon to the bottom and the whole bottom was about an inch thick melt gooey cheese like a fondue not soup!! I wasn’t happy as I tried a bit but it would go down easily so I managed to have a few spoonful’s of just the top bit of soup but I gave up trying, gutted. I was glad I had a sorbet to look forward to! When that came it had a bandy snap in it which my team member pinched. I managed half the sorbet before feeling stuffed and just sipped my water. Walking back down the hill was a challenge, I was so scared for falling! Although I wasn’t drinking I was walking like I was drunk ha! I clearly hadn’t had enough fluids or food for the day! 

Went back to the hotel and changed my shoes and after they had finished drinking we all went up to one room for cups of tea and we had a good chat and I just showed them all my tummy and explained what I had done. All the ladies were so super supportive saying I was so brave and inspirational, which was so lovely to hear. So from now on I’m not going to be afraid to say if anyone questions why I’m eating or not eating!

Day 20

Today we got up early again and for breakfast and again the drama of ordering,

Waiter ”what can I get you?”

Me “scrambled egg please”

Waiter “what bread would you like with that?”

Me “None thank you, just the scrambled egg”

Waiter “Ok let me write this down”… is he serious? “ ok so you want scrambled egg?”

Me “yes please”

Waiter” any bacon?”

Me (screaming inside and a smile on my face) “nope just scrambled egg on a plate and nothing else thank you”

He writes it down looking bemused and walked to the kitchen! Wow I’m sure I can’t be the only person to have only every order scrambled egg? Any way it came… again a big portion and I only ate half. We traveled home and it was awful it took nearly 7 hours and I didn’t have any lunch and sitting in the car was so hard for that long with or without having surgery! I ended up having a small portion of beans on a slice of toast. The bread soaked in juice so I could mash it with the beans. I had a bath and went to bed!


Day 21

Well needless to say I was shattered this morning! I ached all over, I was super proud of how “normal” I was able to be over the weekend and carry on even when I was actually in pain. My small would I pulled has scabbed over and looks less red this morning too. 

I had to take more laxatives as I felt so bloated in my lower abdomen and hadn’t been since the last time I took them. I managed to go ok and the bloating went away. 

I had a yogurt for lunch and popped in on my grandad who made me had a slither (I mean slither) of sponge cake so I eat tiny bits till it was mush and sipped a bit of tea so it went down. Literally in ten minutes my tummy bloated and I felt awful. I won’t be doing that again, it’s not worth it. I had mash potatoes for dinner I’m so looking forward yet scared about solids tomorrow but I’ll take it each day as it comes.

Top Pureed foods I had


  • 100% pureed fruit pouches (aka baby food)
  • Mash – any kind
  • Scrambled egg
  • Any pasta meal pureed
  • Thicker yoghurts
  • Sorbet


I didn’t really experiment as I had a very busy week but what I had I was happy with.

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