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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 30

Laura experiences an uncomfortable stuck episode and joins the Healthier Weight online forum to get support from other patients

So I’m not really sure on what’s happened with my weight as I’ve lost what I put on over Christmas plus an extra 2lb but the actual amount I’m unsure of, where I had been maintaining up and down a pound I’ve actually forgotten what or where I was haha. I’m actually only 1lb over where I was to get back to my lowest loss, next week fingers cross I’ll be reporting a new loss!

I’ve joined the Facebook support page, I’d completely forgotten I’d been invited to join. It was such a relief to read similar stories and know sometimes I’m putting too much pressure in myself. Also the ability to be able to help with some questions if I’ve experienced anything similar so it’s definitely a fab tool to have, also the transformation photos some members post are very inspirational so if you chose healthier weight there a whole group of people ready to support you on your journey as well!

On a different note I had THE worst stuck episode. I sometimes don’t realise I’m hungry till food is in front of me and then I swallow before fully chewing and as soon as I feel it go pass the back of my tongue I fully know it’s too big and wait for that horrid feeling. Well this was half a king prawn! And I felt it go and it was like slow motion I wanted to unswallow instantly, and sure enough I hit the band, I put my plate down and considering it was my first bite I was impressed with my self! I tried to relax and wait but it didn’t pass, so I tried a bit of fizzy drink which some times works just made it lodge even more. The pain grew and I was really uncomfortable. I tried to burp and stretch it out but that didn’t help. I waited an hour by this time and the pain was awful. I tried being sick but that pesky prawn held on for dear life! It was 2 hours my dinner was in the bin and I was now doing jumping jacks and a chicken dance around my living room to no avail. I tried forcing fizzy down over the toilet which was a good job as it was like something from the exorcist and foamy fizz spraying back up instantly. I was so panicking by this point. The pain was up my back and under my left ribs, it hurt a lot by now it was 1am and 5 hours so I decided to just go to bed! I made a hot water bottle and had an extra pillow, as I was worried of being sick or chocking in my sleep haha. I woke up in the morning and the pain had gone so I sipped a drink very slowly to see if it has passed and I felt to cold drink all the way to the bottom of my stomach and no resistance, I was so relived as I thought I’d be ringing the nurses for sure! The rolling from side to side and my body being fully relaxed my If helped the prawn slip through!? I definitely know I’m a sensitive ‘bander’ and any type of stress and it tightens like a toddler having a tantrum. I had a day of fluids to be sure it would all be ok and it was. It definitely has made me ‘chew the alphabet’ every chew haha.  

Laura xx

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