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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 31

This week's top Tip:  Remember 20/20/20. Bite size of a 20p, chew 20 times, wait 20 seconds, stop eating after 20 minutes.

This week was a rather quiet week. Not loving the cold dark weather and longing for some warmth and sunshine! I find myself getting ready for bed early and that’s a danger zone for old snacking habits! I’ve been restricting the snacking a lot more but have given in to the odd bar of chocolate. I still need to work on having breakfast and lunch! My old habits of going all day not eating which results in overeating on snacks in the evening. So I bought some grape nuts as they're high in protein. They are pretty filling and only need a tiny amount. For lunches I’m just grabbing a couple of cheese snacks and either some chicken or some nuts. I'm trying to keep up with the protein intake. For meals it’s still hit and miss, some days I can eat a whole meal, some days I can only eat a few mouthfuls! 

The week ended on getting my 3 rd band adjustment in a new clinic in Tonbridge. It was really nice to see others going in for their appointments as I didn’t feel so alone. In Harley street, it’s literally just me that goes that day. So we had a good chat and was told about the 20/20/20 rule: bite size of a 20p, chew 20 times, wait 20 seconds, stop eating after 20 minutes (which is rare as I’m either finished or given up way before that time) but it was good to get fresh ideas and I felt good. Although I’d only lost 11lbs since my 2 nd adjustment. It’s still a good loss but on the time scale, it isn’t so great. I had 0.5mls put in taking me to 4.9mls. I wasn’t sure what I wanted as I’ve had a lot of struggles when rushing but it purely that- me rushing. So I’m hoping for a better loss. I got home and I joined a slimming group with my mum that evening and although 2 stone 4lbs lighter than the last time I went I still have 3-4 stone to lose. I’m hoping being accountable to weigh in public weekly, and the tool of my band I’m going to be on the right track. Feeling very positive. 

Laura xx

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