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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 32

Laura's weight loss picks back up again and she gets back on track with her meal prepping and slimming groups

Having had my band filled I’ve had a quiet week, 3 days of fluids, which I found really hard d this time, and 3 days soft foods, which I’m finding that 0.5 mls has made me full a lot quicker so fingers crossed I’m almost at the right adjustment! I think a little bit more and I’ll be there!

I’ve managed to plan meals a bit better this week and have fresh meals prepared for everyday that the whole family can eat. I ended the week going to my slimming group and finding I’d lost 3lbs! I’m pretty happy with that considering I’d slowed down for a good 8 weeks. I’m hoping to continue with the steady loss now as I feel more focused. Winter really does have that awful effect of wanting to hibernate and stay cozy til spring arrives but there’s no chance of that this year. I’ve also ordered so cake forks to help with portions too, I chose some pretty ones to ensure I use them.

Laura xx

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