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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 33

Tip: Eat more texture. Crunchy and harder full foods and not overly ‘wet’ or soft foods.

I have been more aware of what I’m eating this week and making better food choices. I’ve tried to plan my meals so the whole family are joining in. I do generally try and cook meals from scratch anyway, but I was choosing softer foods to make it easier for myself.  At my band adjustment appointment, I was told to eat more texture so crunchy and harder full foods and not overly ‘wet’ or soft foods. If I were to have lasagna then put crunchier veg/mushrooms in, and have a crunchy side salad with it.

My activity wasn’t that great this week. I got struck by a cold and have felt pretty fatigued so I didn’t make that much effort. I’m realising that this is another downfall to my weight loss. As I’m not needing many calories to maintain my weight, I need to boost the activity to just tip the balance, but I failed miserably. The scales say I gained 2lb this week which was so frustrating as I have been so good and I've been watching what I ate and trying to get 3 meals in, but my activity was low. I could fall at this hurdle and give up, but I’ve booked two exercise classes for next week to get me going. I won’t be defeated, it’s a continual learning curve every week and id rather try and enjoy it than fight it. Watch this space. 

Laura xx


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