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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 34


Exercise classes and fresh food proves successful with a 3lb loss!

This week I booked two exercise classes to try and encourage a bit more of a loss, as last weeks gain had me baffled. I went to 'Deep Aqua' which was amazing and gentle on my joints, a really good work out but not so much stress on my knees. I went to 'Beginners Step' two days later, and boy that was tough. 1. Because my knees were not up to it but 2. I'm not having large portions and I’m still skipping breakfast and sometimes lunch, so I became faint quite a lot. I knew it was down to my energy levels and I really should have eaten a protein snack/shake beforehand! I did complete the class and gave it my all, but it was so hard.

We have been ordering a subscription box of fresh food so eating lovely new recipes every week, but again it’s still judging what textures I can and can’t eat. I’m feeling I’m not as restricted as the first week after my last adjustment so I’ve booked for another appointment in a few weeks. Just a little more is needed I feel. I went to my slimming class and I’d lost 3 ½ lbs which is fantastic, as I really felt I’d worked for it. 

Laura x


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