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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 36

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Shrove Tuesday proves a struggle for Laura as she keeps her carbs to a minimum

This week starts with Shrove Tuesday and that’s such a weakness for me, but I was absolutely gutted that I just couldn’t handle them! They just clog together and feel really heavy and don’t actually get stuck buts it’s so uncomfortable. Bread and stodgy foods all do this so I think I’m just going to give all these foods a miss for now, which won’t do me any harm as they are generally high-calorie foods, but boy I’ll miss them haha.

I’m still not 100% recovered from the flu, so I’m still pretty lethargic this week and I missed my slimming class as I was away still, but will go next week. I feel as though I’ve gained weight or fluid this week from being inactive, but I did go for a couple of walks just to get fresh air more than anything. My band feels really tight but after talking to a nurse it is known when your sick that your stomach tightens/contracts more, so I’ve had to be careful with what I’m eating. Saying this, I’ve been really laps with my food and snacked far more than I should have, so I’ve decided to give up chocolate for lent which is huge for me. 5 weeks of chocolate free will hopefully kick the habit and I’ll try to find a healthy substitute for snacking! I can’t believe sometimes that it’s been 8 months and I’m still learning about my eating habits and I've still not on top of them. It can be really frustrating but I’m the only one holding myself back. I’ve got a fitness watch so I’m hoping that constant prompts will help me stay on track. 

Laura x

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