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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 37

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Laura focusses on recovering from the flu, and went for a visit with the nurse who gave her some really useful advice

Still feeling sluggish from the flu I’m honestly not focusing on my diet. I’ve been trying to walk a bit more this week as I’d been resting quite a lot. The weather is turning colder – I’m-so over winter already, I want to go on spring walks in the crisp sunshine, not cold, damp, muddy ones haha! Not sure why the cold darker dull days demotivate me, maybe it’s the inner hibernation instinct to fuel for cold – or is that just bears? But I’ve tried extra hard this week to walk more, even if my eating isn’t on plan right now I need to top up the activity. Everyone around me seems to be sick, it must be a strain that’s taken it’s hold, but I don’t want it back that’s for sure!

My evening snacking is crazy, I need to stop!! I’ve ended the week by going to my band adjustment clinic, we decided to not add or remove, as I’m pretty stressed, been poorly so its tight enough and the nurse was brilliant and explained that if I were to put any in it could tip me over and I’d have to rush back for a de fill and upset everything. So we kept it as it was and I’ll go back in 4 weeks. That’s the joy of having 2 years free adjustments, I’m not tied to worrying about any further costs while trying to find my happy place with the band.

I was weighed and lost 6lbs since my last appointment 4 weeks ago which finally means I’m 4 stone lighter!!!! Wow that half stone has been a pain to remove!!

We talked about me not eating breakfast or lunch then starving by diner hence the snacking in the evening! So it was suggested to try a shake for breakfast and even lunch if I’m NOT going to eat as then the energy is in and it won’t kick start that hunger in the afternoon. To also use small protein snacks and eat more drier textures. Yep I’m still learning ❤️

Laura x

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