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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 38

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Laura has a good talk with the nurse and decides against a fill this week 

I was a tiny bit sceptical of not getting anything added to my band. I was absolutely wrong, I can’t fault the nurse one bit. She went through the plans for for months and if was having any issues. I explained I’d been rather stressed and that the stress wouldn’t be lifted any time soon, so she was fully aware that the stress would cause my band to be tight and foreseeing that, we decided against a fill. It was absolutely the correct decision as I have struggled to eat textured foods and my main meals. I regurgitate on a regular basis and it’s so uncomfortable. I've had the band at this level for a while so I know it’s not too much, it’s just my lifestyle stresses that is causing it to be so tight. I’m trying to sort things out so I’m less stressed but for now I’m just trying to manage my eating and trying not over snack on high-calorie soft foods. I’m hoping next week will be smoother!

Laura x

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