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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 39

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As the cold weather sticks around, Laura is noticing some changes in her band

This week has been a bit of a mish-mash! We ended up getting snowed in so my meals were whatever we had in the cupboard! I am pretty sure that not only stress effects my band, but so does the cold haha. Also you crave really comforting sloppy foods when your cold don’t you? I did get some yummy soups in, and I adore scotch broth - that has to be my favourite at the moment. I had lots of pasta, which isn’t the best texture to have, but I’m am convinced the cold makes my band tighter so I just went with foods I knew I could handle as there really isn’t anything worse than being cold and hungry!!! 

I did get some snowball ball fights in and was impressed with my increased level of fitness. I know a year ago I would have totally given it a miss as not to be embarrassed by needing to go in after five minutes!!

no roads were even remotely drivable and all public transport had been cancelled for days, so we also to trek to the ‘local’ supermarket because we had ran out of supplies. We did the 45-minute walk in the snow which was actually a little adventure. Again being lighter was such a relief as a year ago I know I would have died, and needed the children to drag me back home on the sledge and not the other way around haha. I'm still not weighing myself at home as I’m trying to leave it to my appointments. I was getting stressed over the whole thing which just made eating miserable! It seems to be working better as I feel I have more freedom right now.

All I can say is hurry up spring, I’m longing for crisp spring walks! 

Laura x

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