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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 4


Tip of the week
Wait the full 15 minutes before drinking anything after eating! The uncomfortable feeling just inst worth it! Plus it ruins your meal.

Day 22    


Today I weighed in and was a little surprised it wasn't more as I lost 3lb. I think the change to real puréed food has had an effect, as I guess the water weight comes off first. But I feel a little slimmer on my tummy and my photos this week show slight difference in my legs too, so it's obviously coming off in different ways. I did think it would come off faster but I guess slower is more healthy. 


Day 23

I went shopping today to try and find more interesting food to purée and I just ended up getting more yogurts and root veg to mash. With that I made sausage and mash, removed all the skin and mashed the sausage and had 4tbs of mash with one inside of a sausage. It was a bit too much as the full feeling which I now can identify is in my breast bone and goes through to my back like indigestion. Sometimes I rush and eat faster than I should and that feeling just happens faster and and get really uncomfortable. I can't eat as much and it's annoying, so now I'm really having to use my timer to allow at least 30 seconds before I swallow, and then 30 seconds til I get the next bit. 


Day 24

Today I went for a nice walk and feel so much more like myself now. I still get a twinge at my port site if I lift anything to heavy or bend down too fast, but other than that it's all good. 

My wounds are healing nicely still my popped stitch has a tiny scab still on it. That needs to hurry up so I can have a nice hot bath haha! I miss them more than food! Scrambled eggs are slowly becoming my favourite meal and I think I'll stick with them long term for one of my meals. It's so yummy yet satisfying and protein is good to get in. 


Day 25

I had to get a filling at the dentists today although it went ok, it really made my teeth sore so I didn't end up eating much at all. I ended up going to bed early because it was that painful. So that wasn't too good. I'll have to make up for it tomorrow with more protein.  

Day 26

Woke and my teeth were fine thank goodness. We went for a 3 mile hike in the woods with our dog. It was up really steep hills and boy I was panting like the dog!!! The most strenuous exercise I've done since the op and I was close to fainting. I was so glad to see the café where I had a lovely cold drink and a banana! But I'm so proud of myself for continuing, and not choosing a simple route. It really has spurred me on to get in more exercise!

Day 27

Today was a chill day. I had my Sunday roast mashed, which was a very small - a child portion. I still couldn't eat it all but I loved sitting at the table being back to normal and the children are happy too. 


Day 28

So last of week 3 and I had a shake for lunch as I haven't been having breakfast lately so I really need to. I went for a catch up with friends. They had a picnic and I had my shake, but it honestly didn't bother me that they were eating. I treated myself to a low calorie ice lolly as it was baking! It was nice to be social and open about my band. They were all really positive so it was lovely. I had some rice and blended sweet and sour pork (two small bits of pork) for dinner. It was about 4 tbs altogether I didn't feel full but I was satisfied. 

Tomorrow is solids eeekk. My 4 weeks is up it's pretty scary to think I'm now in charge as fluids and puréed stage is pretty simple to stick to but I think I'm going to keep to making right choices. The amount I can eat has obviously changed but if I don't chose right it will just be pointless! 

Top Pureed foods I had this week

  • Scrambled eggs
  • Mash and non skinned sausage
  • Yoghurts
  • Mashed banana
  • Low cal ice lollies
  • Mashed root veg
  • Tuna and extra light mayo


Here's to week 5!!!!

Laura x

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