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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 40

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It's been a learning curve, and Laura has yet to figure out her stable eating pattern.

I can’t actually believe 9 months have passed! It’s been a really slow process, yet the months are flying past, how does that happen?

I have encountered so much stress I just can’t get on top of it at the moment, and I don’t know why. It’s definitely a trigger for bad eating habits and poor food choices. The trouble is when I’m stressed, I’m eating fast and sometimes one mouthful and I’m really uncomfortable. So, I push my food away in defeat. It’s really not a healthy pattern right now. It’s a repeating pattern from over the last 9 months but I can’t figure out how to jump off it!

My husband is changing jobs so that’s something I can’t control. I have lots going on with my children’s education, I’ve got a lot of training to do and we are redecorating our bedroom… all of which just raises my anxiety and makes me not eat then overeat! I thought after 9 months a healthy pattern would be established but it is so far from that. All I can do right now is be kind to myself and accept that things will be calmer soon and so my eating patterns will improve. Or else I’ll get just increase the stress and even worse habits could creep in!!

I’m just trying pop good bits in where I can, ensure I’m getting protein in and at least getting my activity levels stable too. I’m still not weighing myself, but I feel like I’m maintaining right now – I’m generally right with guessing how it’s going haha.

Laura x

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