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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 41

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Laura makes a huge step and takes part in a march to raise awareness for women around the world. 

My stress levels just aren’t lowering and I’m really struggling. It’s very difficult to eat a meal at the moment, the feeling of something being wedged is almost every meal, I have to wait till it passes or have to bring it up! It’s really not great. I’ve switched to shakes for lunch just so I don’t have to stress about eating. I’m still trying to slow my eating down and avoid sloppy foods as much as I can but it’s very hard.

I have signed up for a march for endometriosis awareness this Saturday. Endometriosis is actually the main reason I gained all my weight. I was debilitated by the never-ending pain and frequent surgeries that go with it. I was so stagnant in my activity and really comfort ate!! Which resulted in a 5 stone gain over 10 years. It crept on but it definitely is creeping off. I have never been ‘strong enough’ to participate in a march before so this is HUGE! I went with my daughter and we walked for over 7 miles, it felt so good to be able to be comfortable walking that much and raising awareness for women all around the world. I had to get a full hysterectomy which too has increased my weight but also made it very hard to lose weight as the hormones are via a tablet as I no longer can make them, and it  does affect my metabolism, menopausal women get that pouch on their belly almost looking early pregnant so I’m trying my best to not get it.

Overall even though it’s been a really hard week I am so pleased with myself for going on the March and being comfortable being seen marching and not worrying about my weight or the pain caused by the weight.

Laura x

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