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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 42

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Laura struggles with willpower this week, and offers some advice to others

This week has been pretty much a write-off. I came down with a bug and haven’t had an appetite really so my food intake was pretty low. What I did eat was mainly soups. I did go for a family meal the day before I was poorly and opted for a jacket potato with beans and a small side of mac n cheese which I had 4 forkfuls. I managed about ¼ of the potato. I did, however, have a cheesecake for pudding – if your reading this pre-surgery- you will have to use will power- it’s not a quick fix, as the likes of chocolate, crisps, puddings, ice cream etc which are high calorie but very soft/melt, are practically limitless with a band! You have to be aware and make the right choices still. I’m 9 months in and still learning this haha.

I’m hoping I feel a lot more myself next week and enjoy the Easter holidays. 

Laura x

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