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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 43

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Lunch with friends proves a success as Laura applies her new eating techniques

This week was the school holidays so the children were off. That’s either a good thing or bad depending on what we are doing or how they behave. The actual fact there is chocolate everywhere isn’t bothering me at all. At one point I actually gagged at the smell of it? Has someone morphed into my body haha.

We had friends round and I made a lovely health version of a shepherds pie with lots of veg and had a mint twist it was lush! However, they bought pudding which was ham rolly polly! Thankfully I can’t really eat stodgy things so I got away with a small piece. I’m finding my appetite isn’t that great at the moment. I just can’t manage to get I top of my stress levels, it’s one thing after another! My band is only 4.9mls so not loads but it gets so tight when I’m stressed or poorly. I also find I have to sit up straight to eat as the band tends to squeeze shut when I slouch.

Our nanna passed away suddenly 3 days ago so that sent my eating into more panic! I’ve tried to be good take my time, chew and just let it pass slowly. I’m currently not eating breakfast or lunch but am eating dinner and sometimes a snack in the evenings but my intake is a little less this week. Think I’m going to switch to shakes this week, to see if a band rest will help and get some nutrients in me. Hope I can stick to it as I want to suddenly eat everything in sight when I restrict anything. 

Laura x

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