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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 44

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It's a great week for Laura as she ups her exercise goals and challenges her confidence

This week has been very productive. Schools are back so I’ve been walking my youngest to school then doing a couple of laps around the local field before going back home, then walking to collect her too, rather than going in the car. It’s been very hot so it was actually pretty sweaty work as I had a fast pace. My aim is 10,000 steps a day at least Monday to Friday. As the weight is slow to come off I’m thinking being more active is going to give me the boost I need!

I can tell I’m a little more confident as I wore a tee without a cardigan in public! I have what you call glorious bingo wings with added stretch marks down them from my 1st pregnancy, so I’ve covered them up for 15 years!! So having them uncovered is massive!

I’m still not as stress-free as I’d like to be and I’m still struggling with certain food textures because of this. Our Nanna also passed away suddenly this week and it’s been so emotional it has a Knock in effect with the tightness of my band.

I took a picture after a walk and compared to my beginning photo as I just don’t see much difference as it’s taking it’s time coming off. I’m actually really happy with the progress and never posted pictures like this before but it’s really motivating to see such a difference. 

Laura x

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