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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 45

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A hectic week of travelling leaves Laura feeling less than satisfied with her eating choices

I have a really hectic few weeks ahead of me and this week is rather full on. I’ve tried to remain focused on getting protein in first just because I’m not really able to sit and eat meals that often. I’m definitely sure if I hadn’t had my band fitted I would far more overweight than I was, because when I’m eating in the go I grab all the wrong things, and now even though I fancy the bad bits I don’t because I know I can’t get them down! So it’s been such a great constant reminder to chose carefully.

I went on a business trading and chose a jacket potato and tuna which I just ate the soft bits as it was a very quick lunch, then had a very small portion of spaghetti Bolognese.

We had to travel up north for our nannas funeral early hours of Friday morning which was a 5.5hr drive. I did try to eat a pastry but one bite and it got stuck- I know it does but I was tired and hungry and really fancied it but it was a mistake!

I didn’t try and eat till later that evening which they order Chinese, I had a few prom crackers and rice and curry sauce. Still didn’t have a huge portion- but it’s all the wrong foods. The next morning I had a bowl of cereal as we were going for high tea at a restaurant at lunch. I managed one finger sandwich, 1 bite-sized scone with jam and cream and 2 bite-sized cakes- leaving over half of what was offered, I just boxed it up to take home for my husband! As we were talking no one noticed I hadn’t eaten too much so it was brilliant. We were then ordered an Indian that evening, I had a small plate but on my first bite a bit of chicken got stuck and couldn’t eat the rest so I just put it away! Think it maybe tiredness and the emotion of the weekend that my band is pretty tight. The next morning I had a milkshake and we had KFC in the way home – which I managed 3 chicken fillets as I can’t eat chips or big bits of chicken. So that was the only thing I could eat.

So the choices weren’t great this week, but I didn’t actually eat much at all. If the band wasn’t there I would of definitely of eaten so much.

This week is a bit more relaxed but we are away again this weekend so I need to make sure the meals the rest of the week are in plan and I get some good vitamins in. 

Laura x

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