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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 46

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The warmer weather means lighter food choices and smaller meals

This week hasn’t been too stressful. I have been pretty busy doing lots of housework and school runs which I encompassed a sort of power walk which lasts 40 minutes.   I’m glad the weather is picking up and it’s easier to chose lighter meal options in the heat but on the flip side, you want quick and easy in the heat too!

We were pretty exhausted from our long weekend away so I had a few quick dinners like salads and chicken. We went away to a family party over the weekend too. It was great to be out and about and be confident to dance the night away and not be too conscious of how I look or sweating buckets!

By Sunday it was far to hot and we just chilled with a BBQ I had just meat and salad with no bread or wedges. I found pork was a little too much to try and eat in the heat. As it’s much chewier on the bbq for some reason and I couldn’t chew it small enough to eat so just gave up. But I had lots of chicken and salad so that was fine. On the bank holiday Monday we had another BBQ as it was just so warm the idea of cooking a full hot dinner was too much haha.

I’m super busy this week as I’m away for work again Wednesday to Sunday. I’m being prepared this time, I’ve ordered gluten-free to keep the bloat away as much as possible. I’m packing my protein shakes to have in the day, otherwise I won’t eat as it’s all sandwiches and chips which I can’t eat. So I’m thinking if I just pre-plan that I’ll be having shakes for lunch then it takes off the pressure of trying to eat or not eating. I have a beautiful gown to get in to on Saturday so I’m hoping the bloated tummy I have at the moment will go away by then.

It was the photos from the first training I had a year ago with work that made me get my band done so it’s great to be going a year on and 3 stone lighter! I have another bit to go still but I know it’s going In the right direction. 

Laura x

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