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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 47

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Laura battles with fast food choices and has a confidence boost at a party with friends

I seem to have had quite a hectic schedule this past month and moving forward so I need to schedule in some me-time as I feel this is important to my mental well-being which has an effect to what I’m eating. We are away again this weekend to a family party and I need to make sure I won’t be bloated so I’m trying to cut out as many carbs as I can this week.         

I’m still doing my power walks in the morning, walking my daughter to school and then doing at least a couple of laps around the park which takes 40 minutes. As the weather is picking up I’m planning on eating lighter which includes lots of salad and chicken The children don’t mind eating that kind of meal - in fact, they quite enjoy it. Thinking about eating healthily or just trying to make the right choices means trying to incorporate my family and their meal choices making sure it’s a healthy balance between all of us and that all of their nutrition is met.

It really has been a shock to see how much we were eating before my band because I really do have to look at what I can eat rather than what I want to eat. Lots of fast food restaurants don’t cater for those that have restricted eating or are intolerant to certain things. I try to have chicken if there’s nothing else on the menu or salad.

I went on a date day with my husband and we went to Starbucks. They do this gorgeous healthy breakfast which is spinach and scrambled eggs with seeds. It’s absolutely gorgeous and it’s my go-to if we have to go out for brunch because I know it won’t get stuck and it’s healthy. I do feel, however, that restaurants do need to cater for those that don’t eat as many carbs.

I do miss just going in to a fast food store and just picking whatever I wanted and been okay eating but nowadays I have to eat slowly and concentrate otherwise it just gets stuck. It can be frustrating because I want it to eat quickly because I'm on the go. It’s something that I’m adjusting to and it’s all going to be worth it in the end.         

The party was really good. I got a lot of compliments that I’ve lost weight! I still can’t see it myself though unless I compare from a year ago. It’s coming up so slowly any difference I can tell is internal, with my energy levels and being able to just go and do things that I used to dread. Even the school run would get me in a sweat whereas now I love just it and I feel so motivated when I get home.

I have such a busy week next week so I’m trying to balance my schedule so I’m not too stressed because again, that has a knock-on effect on my eating. 

Laura x

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