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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 48

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After a work trip away, Laura starts to notice the non-scale victories after her weight loss.

I’m feeling pretty great this week; the extra walking is really helping my positive attitude. I have a very busy week ahead again. I am away for work for five days and really trying to plan my meals ahead, so I’m not forced to eat fast foods or high carbs.

On the first day, we were travelling for 4 Hours. I managed to just have my protein shake on the go and had soup for dinner in the evening. I also really trying to think about not having any fizzy drinks as I don’t want to be bloated as I’ve got to get in a nice gown on Saturday. At the hotel there is continental breakfast, so I just had yoghurt and grapefruit for breakfast for lunch I just went down to my room and had a protein shake as all that was on the menu was sandwiches, chips and wedges – the kind of food that would just get stuck. In the evening there was another buffet, but I just chose not to eat it as the food options weren’t that great. On the second day again, I had yoghurt and grapefruit for breakfast. It seemed the easiest option as we were training quite early in the mornings.

We had lots of energiser dance breaks in between training which involves a lot of standing clapping and jumping. Normally I would be glued to my chair ready for the world to swallow me up but instead I was standing jumping and clapping with the rest of them. A year ago I totally wouldn’t of been doing that! I have come down for my lunch again in my room to have a protein shake and it was also a good chance to just zone out and chill for half an hour. The evening meal was a three-course dinner and I got into my lovely ballgown which I got loads of compliments on. That actually made me feel very good because seven months ago when I tried it on it was so tight and I really wasn’t comfortable.

For the three-course dinner, I chose the soup for starters and slow cooked beef for mains which I didn’t eat much of, and it was a passionfruit tart for pudding of which I left the base. Later that evening it was the awards night so had to go up and get my crown sashes and lots of awards. Again, a year ago I would’ve absolutely dreaded that and would’ve thought of it as the walk of shame. This occasion I was able to enjoy the walk up and not feel so uncomfortable about being overweight and I was just living in the moment.

When I got home I weighed myself and I’ve lost 5 lb over the course of 10 days and I have my three stone loss and have maintained it ever since. I’ve still got a long way to go but nowhere near as much as I did a year ago. I think being more active and more cautious of what I’m eating the rest of the weight is going to happily a lot quicker.

I have a love/hate relationship with my band, but right now I am absolutely thankful that I’ve had it done.

Laura x

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