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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 49

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Laura has an active weekend away this week, and takes time to plan her meals and make good choices. 

This week the children have broken up from school, so we booked a little weekend away as a family. I’m feeling rather bloated this week, I’m not too sure why. I think the heat may be restricting my band a bit more as I struggle every meal time unless I’m snacking on very small things. Eating on the go is harder as my band feels tighter. So, I’ve gone back to either not having breakfast and not having lunch and just having my main meal. Then by the time I come to my main meal in the evening I’m very hungry, so I end up snacking on things in between that aren’t the wisest choice.

As we are staying in a caravan this weekend I’ve had to think ahead of the choices, so I’ve packed protein-packed snacks like cheese and chicken snacks. I managed to plan healthy meals for the evenings rather than eating out of the fast food restaurants. On previous similar holidays, we would’ve possibly had 2 to 3 fast food meals at least. Their children didn’t mind eating in with food that we made so that was good.

We had an activity-packed weekend so I’d say exercise wasn’t a worry. It was nice to spend some family time and relax as much as we could. It was rather hot all weekend and being somewhere different made it easier to not wear a cardigan and cover my arms which are still covered in old stretch marks. I felt more comfortable in the clothes I was wearing, and I have been in the last couple of similar holidays. Also having the band is always a constant reminder to not just eat for the sake of it because ‘on holiday I can have whatever I want’, because you really can’t. My energy levels and physical activity was so much easier this time and it would’ve been a year even just a year ago. We’ve had a brilliant week. 

Laura x

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