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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 5


Day 29

So today I went on solids. I had cereal to start which went down fine and kind of eased my fears. I was running around doing errands today so didn’t have much time to think to plan meals today. For lunch I had half a jacket potato and beans. It was fine but I’m not concentrating on chewing as I’m busy, which was always my downfall. For dinner I had sausage and mash. I took longer to chew and think about eating and that stop point is definitely more prominent with thicker foods. I just reach that point and push what ever is left away as it’s uncomfortable to eat any more.


Day 30

Again I have a busy day. It’s coming up the end of school so needing to get things ready. For breakfast I had toast but it didn’t go down too well so I only had one slice - it feels pretty tight to go past the stomach. For lunch I had scrambled eggs as the toast bloated me. For dinner I had pasta and sauce. The rest of the family had garlic bread but I gave that wide birth haha. 

Not really feeling any difference in my clothing too much. The transition between fluids to puréed and solids has really effected my weight loss and I feel slightly bloated.


Day 31

I didn’t have breakfast today..

Again I’m rushing around and my husband made sandwiches for lunch. I automatically picked one up took a few chews and swollen not thinking at all. My gosh the pain!!! It got stuck. I couldn’t move, felt like a knife in my stomach. Then I started to get foamy and had to be sick. It was just the mouthful of food and half unchewed bite of food that came up!! So annoyed at myself. Ended up just having a drink as it put me off.

For dinner I had mash potatoes as I was still achy a bit from lunch. 


Day 32

Today I went for breakfast with my husband. I had scrambled egg and I grabbed a banana but I couldn’t even eat all the egg so I popped it in my bag for later. My hubbie had a full English which didn’t bother me at all and I still took longer to eat than him.

For lunch I had my banana and a yoghurt. We went to my Grandad's and we had scampi and chips. I had a small plate and a tiny portion. I ate about 4 chips and 4 scampi and I was done. Felt awful after as the oil kept repeating on me. I really need to be stronger and say when I really don’t want eat something.


Day 33

At a hen party tonight so I didn’t actually eat anything as we were eating there. I planned on getting a starter or soup so I was prepared. When we got there the girls I went with decided not to eat so I didn’t!! I managed to last 6 hrs. It was my first night out since my op and I was home by 12pm and left the rest to party! But when I got home my husband had a kebab so I pinched 2 bits of chicken and a slice of cucumber and I was full!!


Day 34

I had egg on toast this morning but only managed half a slice but felt ok. We went for a long walk again up steep hills my legs were killing. I didn’t have lunch but we had salad new potatoes and Kiev I’d normally have 2 but 1 was more than plenty.


Day 35

I decided to weight myself and I lost a pound and a half, which takes me to that illusive stone mark!!! 5 weeks and I’ve lost 14 &1/2 pounds!! I’m in the next stone bracket which I’m stoked about. 

I had cereal for breakfast. For lunch I tried a sandwich again, and again it was just so uncomfortable I just threw it out. It just doesn’t seem to want to go down no matter how much I chew or wait. So that’s bread off my list!! For dinner we had chicken salad and wedges. Have another busy week lined up this week but I really need to plan my meals better slowing my eating down.

Laura x

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