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Laura's Gastric Band Diary - Week 50

Laura hits the 12-month mark! 

It's been one whole year since Laura first started her weight loss journey with us. In both the video above and the blog below, she talks about her experience and shares the good, the bad and the ugly. 

I can’t actually quite believe this is my last blog! It’s been a rollercoaster of a year! It’s completely flown by and I’ve only managed to have 5 band adjustments in that time - but I’ve only needed that many! Out of my 10ml band, it only has 4.9mls in! I did think 'no I want the full 10mls I want real results!!'. Hahaha - gosh my stomach is so super sensitive I don’t think I could get even another 1ml in it!! So if you’re soon to be banded or just are already, please don’t compare to others or think your results won’t be great because your fill isn’t high! The nurses are pretty spot on - even when your mind is having toddler tantrum when your advised not to have any more in - they actually are right!

Pre band I could eat whatever I wanted - how much of what I wanted. I took it completely for granted! My food habits were really unhealthy, binge eating rather than set 3 meals - evening snacking was ridiculous! At my heaviest, I was 17st 4lbs! I’m 5ft 7 and I was a size 18-20! My knees were very painful and my gall bladder was playing up. Post band I am restricted with what I can eat - I’m far more aware naturally of what will and won’t go down. So I can generally choose foods all the family can eat, I just eat smaller portions and follow the 20-20-20 rule (size of 20p chew 20 times wait 20 seconds! It works!!). Getting smaller plates and cake forks work a treat too. 

I’m now a size 14 and 3 stone lighter. I’ve still a couple of stone to go but I’m far more active now so it won’t take too much longer to shred but I’m so much happier now. My knees are not hurting to walk up and down stairs and, touch wood, my gallbladder has been silent! My confidence is fantastic- not in a bragging or self-worship way, but wearing shirts without a cardigan, walking to the swimming pool, being able to play with my children outside without dripping in sweat! Simple things, but they mean a lot to me! Being able to shop for clothes and find your size in stock or actually be in a regular high street shop! I'm planning on going for a band check up to see if I need a small adjustment- having my 2 years plan, means I can go as many times as I like with the knowledge I’m being looked after but no extra costs. 

I’m planning on now starting my own photography business as my self-worth has increased tenfold, and the shy sit at home mum has vanished! I’m energised with so many goals I want to make up for lost time. My weight gain was due to medical problems and surgical menopause - I’m only 36 but felt much older - now I feel my age maybe even younger. Although I’ll still have menopause it won’t be me, just apart of who I am! I’m living proof that early menopause doesn’t have to mean weight gain and loss of figure. It just means being confident and loving the body you have, being thankful yet aware of taking care of it! I’m excited for my future, it’s been a rough year with huge family losses - heartbreaking triggers which I know without my band 1000% I’d be way over 18 stone!! Stress was my trigger to binge and now I use other distraction techniques like paring socks or going for a walk. I’m not going to lie, it has been a very emotional journey. You never really realise how much of a relationship you have with food till you forced to face it! 

Lots of willpower is still needed, But with the great support from the healthier weight nurses, it’s been achievable. The nurses are fab, and will call you any time you need. They are so in point with their advice- don’t doubt them haha! It’s not going to be easy it will be worth it! What a year! Thank you for joining me! Thank you healthier weight!

Laura xx

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