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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 6


As her first fill approaches, Laura learns that having set meal times and preparing food in advance is better than quick snacking on the go.

This week was the last week of school before the holidays so it was pretty manic. With this, meal plans went out the window and I was just grabbing what I could, when I could. I had a couple of moments where I tried bread (a quick sandwich on the go), but as usual even just one mouthful would get stuck and cause such discomfort, it put me off eating for a little bit. I kick my self for not learning!

We took my grandad out for lunch and I had a chicken salad as the starters were all greasy. I only managed to eat half the chicken breast, but it felt good to eat in public without worrying.

It’s nearly time for my 1st band fill and I’m a little apprehensive/nervous as to how it’s going to go, but excited to see what effects it’s going to have. I weighed myself on day 7 of week 6 and I’d stayed the same. Think the not eating at regular times, or enough, or not completely the right foods is the cause, but it’s band fill day tomorrow so will see what the nurse suggests. 

Laura x

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