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Laura's Gastric Band Journey - Week 7


It's the week of the first band fill. As nerves take over, will it really be as scary as she thinks?

Woke up with butterflies just the day of my op as the unknowing of how filling of the band is going to feel. It took an hour and a half to travel into London. I went to the Harley clinic and the wait wasn’t too bad. I was called down to the room to see the nurse, Jo. I jumped on the scales and it showed I’d gained 5lbs! I’m thinking I was fully dressed (I’m in minimal clothing first thing in the morning when I weigh at home) and I had boots on so that must count to some of it surely?

We had a chat and I explained how I was eating and how I'm not actually fully aware of my chewing/eating when I am eating. I’m normally in a rush and so am use to getting it done as quick as I can. The nurse suggested I use my 30 second timer as a prompt, until it becomes more of a habit. Also to use a cake fork or child’s cutlery and a tea plate to trick my brain into thinking it’s getting more food.

I explained I’m not always hungry but fancy something, but when it comes to eating it I can’t eat a lot depending on what it is/type/texture I’m eating. Jo, the nurse, suggested eating non wet foods and crunchy dryer textures like salads and chicken.

After our chat, she wasn’t too keen on adding much of a fill if any!!!! I was adamant I wanted something as my weight hasn’t come off as quickly as I’d of expected and I’d travelled for 2 hours so I didn’t want to feel it was a waste. We compromised and she emptied what Mr Singhal had put in during surgery, then she popped a tiny bit extra in.

So I hopped up onto the bed and lifted my top and she had a feel of my upper abdomen right over my longest scar. I’m not going to lie it’s still tender I’m a rubbish healer. It wasn’t painful just tender. The port was found and I was pretty nervous as what to expect. She placed a needle into my skin to see if she located it successfully and thankfully she had. The tiny scratch of the needle was barely anything. As she drained out the existing fluid I have to say it felt WEIRD!! Like a flutter of tiny butterflies trying to escape! It wasn’t at all uncomfortable just a very very strange sensation. 1ml was removed and the nurse popped 2.5mls back in. In a matter of 3 minutes it’s was all done, easy as that! I was sent back upstairs to sit and drink a cup of water to make sure the band wasn’t too tight and was told to book an appointment for 4 weeks time. I drank a cup of water absolutely fine it didn’t cause any issues so I was allowed to go 5 minutes later.

I was on fluids for the next 3 days which consisted of shakes and soups. The next 3 days I was on puréed foods - mainly scrambled eggs and yoghurts. It wasn’t too bad as it's such a short period of time. I’ve not felt any restriction or much change to my band at all, so I’m hoping to get a bit more on my next fill now I know what to expect.


Laura xx

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