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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary

Welcome to my gastric band diary!

We're documenting Lisa's journey through her gastric band surgery. For the first time in Healthier Weight history we'll be recording her surgical procedure live, including her thoughts prior to the operation and immediately after once back on her feet. 

We've always been up front and honest when we meet our prospective patients and this in depth account from Lisa will help others to make an informed decision. We thank Lisa for letting us tell her story.

"I've had numerous failed attempts at losing weight over the years. I've tried Slimming World and Weight Watchers, I've been dieting for a very long time and at first I would lose weight quite easily. But then I just couldn't keep it off and then you know, you get into that cycle. So after all these years, the weight crept on and on and I started to think "maybe surgery is an option I should look into". I looked into the gastric balloon but with it only lasting six months I thought it's not really going to be for me. So I've had the gastric band and I'd like to share my journey with you all."

General weight loss news

  • meet-Lisa-Pre-op-interview.jpg Pre-Op interviewWe sit down with Lisa and talk about how she's feeling about her upcoming gastric band surgery. 27 February 2017 5:03pm
  • Lisa's gastric band surgery The day of my surgeryThe day arrives for Lisa's gastric band surgery and for the first time, we follow her into theatre to record the procedure being performed. 12 April 2017 12:15pm
  • Lisa's weight loss journey - Week 2 - Recovering from her surgery Week 2Week 2 post-op and Lisa recounts her experience with the liquid only part of the post-op diet and her recovery from surgery. 21 April 2017 12:05pm
  • Lisa's weight loss journey - Week 3 with the gastric band Week 3A positive start to her gastric band journey, Lisa recounts her 3rd week post-op and the ups and downs she's experienced. 28 April 2017 2:16pm
  • Lisa week 4 weight loss journey with the gastric band 2017 Week 4Lisa is doing really well this week as she drops a dress size. Moving on to solid foods presents difficulties and temptations. 05 May 2017 9:20am
  • Lisa week 9 weight loss journey with the gastric band Overview of MayLisa is really looking fantastic and finding a new lease of life. The right level of restriction is still eluding Lisa but it's still early days. 26 May 2017 9:08am
  • Lisa week 10 gastric band journey 2017 Week 10Lisa feels like a broken record after another successful week. She is booked in for a fill soon as her appetite is growing. 09 June 2017 11:50am
  • Lisa week 11 losing weight with the gastric band Week 11The warmer weather brings with it a change in the foods Lisa is choosing. After a bit of a panic last week, the feeling of fullness after smaller portions returns. 16 June 2017 9:48am
  • Week12-Warmerweather.jpg Week 12As the warmer weather continues, Lisa finds that the hot weather can come with some challenges. 23 June 2017 9:48am
  • Week-14.jpg Week 14A week after her second fill, Lisa is finding herself having to adapt to new eating techniques.. 07 July 2017 9:49am
  • week15.jpg Week 15This week Lisa deals with the return of her appetite, having to use her willpower more than expected! 14 July 2017 9:48am
  • Week13.jpg Week 13Lisa has just had her second adjustment and finds that she's feeling restriction much more than the first time around 30 June 2017 9:48am


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