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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - May Overview

Lisa is really looking fantastic as she comments on her last few weeks with the band.

Video Transcription

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Lisa explains how she's getting on nine weeks post op from her gastric band. She tells us how much weight she's lost and how her clothes fit her these days. We also learn how Lisa managed to resist temptation while on holiday and how she found the flight.

Hi everybody so I'm now nine weeks post op and things are going absolutely brilliantly. I'm officially TWO STONE lighter than I was on the day of surgery which I'm absolutely ecstatic about. I feel really really happy, I was a bit skeptical at the start of my journey and we know some people were saying they could notice the weight loss if you seen, you know I've said before, I couldn't see it but now DEFINITELY 100% can see it. My old clothes aren't even baggy anymore they're just at the point where I just can't wear them they're just falling off so I've had to go and buy new clothes, which you know in itself is just a really nice feeling, knowing you can do down those dress sizes everything we're doing is worthwhile so I'm really really happy. Obviously I've had my first fill as well I've had 3.5ml in a 10ml band. Don't think I'm at restriction yet but again you know, it's just trial and error so we'll just see how things go next time.

I've had my phone call to book me in from the next fill which is in about three weeks time, so you know we'll see how we go from there. Maybe I'll get restriction maybe I won't. We'll just have to see, but you know if things carry on going the way they are I'm gonna be a very happy girl.

Also, last week I came back from my holiday. I'd heard a couple of stories you know from people saying that they had issues with the band getting too tight on flights, things like that. I had no issues whatsoever. Obviously each person is different but with me I went about 10 days  after I had my first fill and I had no issues whatsoever on the flight. I didn't feel any different, I had no pain with no tenderness and it was quite an early flight anyway so I didn't particularly eat much and when I got to the airport I just drank water  and I think on the flight  I had a yoghurt and that was it. But yeah, no issues whatsoever so that was really good. Also the same when I was away, I was just careful with the food I ate because I obviously I didn't want to have any issues when I wasn't at home. But again, as long as you're sensible, there will be  no problems and I was absolutely fine.

So yeah, you know things are going really really well I couldn't be happier and I'm glad now that, you know I am starting to notice and I think you'll find that yourself as well you know, once you kind of get to this stage things that's become more evident then you will say "I'm so  happy that I had it done". You know I definitely think it's one of the best decisions that I have ever made and I'm just really really happy that I chose to go for it at the time when I did. Healthier Weight have been absolutely fantastic and I'm still getting correspondence, and   the phone calls and the help. They're always there at the other end of the phone so I really really couldn't be happier.

So I shall speak to you all again soon and hopefully things will still be going well. I'll see you soon, bye.

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