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Lisa's Gastric Band Journey

We sit down with Lisa and talk about how she's feeling about her upcoming gastric band surgery.

We will follow Lisa on her journey, including into theatre where we'll record her procedure live. This is the first time we've done this with a Healthier Weight patient and we hope it will give prospective patients a good idea of what to expect if they decide to go ahead.

Take a look at the interview below


Video Transcription

Just in case you don't have sound we've included a transcript below to help:

QUESTION 1 - How are you feeling about your surgery?

Excited nervous um but definitely more excited it's something I've waited for, for a long time.

QUESTION 2 - What made you decide to go ahead?

Just I've had numerous failed attempts, Slimming World, Weight Watchers, I just thought it was that the best thing to do really for me.

QUESTION 3 - Have you been dieting for a long time?

A very long time and at first I would lose weight quite easily, but then I just couldn't keep it off and then you kind of get into that cycle.

QUESTION 4 - Why choose the gastric band over other procedures?

Yeah I think the gastric band itself, it's less invasive and out of all the surgeries I think for me and it was the one that was my favourite out of the others. I did look into the the gastric balloon, but with it only lasting six months I thought it's not really going to be for me.

QUESTION 5 - How long did it take to decide?

A long time it's something that I've been thinking about for quite a number of years and because of one reason or another it something that I never really got round to but I think over the last year, I kind of decided that now is the time for me to do it.

QUESTION 6 - Did you ever see yourself getting weight loss surgery?

Not initially no, I think when you're younger you don't kind of think that far ahead, but then as I got older and as the weight kind of crept on, then that's when you kind of start thinking "maybe this is an option that I should look into".

QUESTION 7 - How much weight are you looking to lose?

I'm not aiming to lose any specific amount of weight for me, it's more dress sizes that I go off. Ideally I'd love to be a size 10 but I think realistically I'd be perfectly happy with a size 12.

QUESTION 8 - What are you looking forward to after losing weight?

Lots of things, being more confident and being able to go to any clothes store and being able to just find something off the shelves straight away and just in general I think it's going to make me more happy about myself.

QUESTION 9 - What are you most nervous about? 

The surgery, I can probably say the thing I'm most nervous about is going under general anaesthetic but it's kind of swings and roundabouts, you have to do it to have the surgery, and I'm really confident in the surgeon that I've got and the company I'm having it with so that's it.

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