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Lisa's Day of Surgery

The day arrives for Lisa's gastric band surgery and for the first time, we follow her into theatre to record the procedure being performed.

From her arrival at the BMI Priory in Birmingham to some sleepy thoughts on her day from her hospital bed, we've documented every aspect of Lisa's gastric band procedure. 

Take a look at the video below for an overview of what to expect in a typical gastric band day case.

Please note: the video contains scenes of keyhole surgery

Video Transcription

If you aren't able to listen to the video, we've included a transcript below:

Lisa- Feelings about her ideal weight. I don't really look at things in regards to stones or pounds. For me I'd probably go with dress sizes so my goal is - I'd love to be a ten (size 10). 

Lisa- why choose surgery? It's something I've been thinking of for quite a long time quite a few years but I'd say over the last year is when I definitely made my mind up that  it was something I was going to do. The surgery itself, something I'd say I'm probably most nervous about is going under general anaesthetic, but I'm really confident, in the surgeon  that I've got, and the company that I'm having it with.

Lisa- why choose the gastric band? Yeah for me the gastric band was, it was my favorite choice really, I looked into the balloon but because you could only have it for six months, I  didn't really think that was an option for me, I wanted something that was more permanent.

The Operation

Mr. Rishi SinghalThese operations are done useing the keyhole approach, and not using the open approach. A keyhole operation take 45 minutes, the recovery is very good. This patient should be able to go home the same day.

[Showing the operation] That is the liver, that's the stomach and all this is fat inside. The aim is to put a gastric band around the stomach.

[Showing the band being inserted] This is a sterile gastric band, we prime the band with saline first.

[Fastening the band around the stomach] Band is now fastened around the stomach, in this fashion, so you just pull the band closed, like this. Now the band has been fastened around the stomach, I need to make sure that this band doesn't slip, which is one of the dreaded complications of the  band. So now the first stitch we do in a gastric band procedure is known as the Birmingham stitch. It's called the Birmingham stitch because we came up with it at Heartlands, and it's now used all over the World. This is a stitch which is performed in order to reduce the risk of slippage.

[Tightening stitch] And that's the stitch now in place. And again we put local just around the port there, to make sure the patient is pain-free after the operation. 

[After the surgery was completed] Surgery went well, I think she had a really good diet so we did not have any problems with the operation. As you saw the operation is keyhole fully,  and it takes less than 30, 45 minutes to do the operation and I hope she has a good weight loss.

After the operation was completed

Lisa - how did it go? It was a really good experience, all the staff have been lovely, they've been really nice. Everything was explained to me really clearly and I was made to feel at ease.

I'm looking forward to start seeing some results, over the next couple of months it's going to be really interesting so moving forward now.

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