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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 11

The warmer weather brings with it a change in the foods Lisa is choosing. After a bit of a panic last week, the feeling of fullness after smaller portions returns.

Video Transcription

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Lisa tells us how she dealt with temptation at a concert with her children this week and how happy she is at reaching a weight bracket she's not been in for over 4 years.

Hi everybody, so this week has been a really interesting week. There's been a lot of changes I've made in my diet purely that's now reflective of the weather, so I've gone to a lot cooler foods now so I've been having a lot of fruit salads which I've been having for my breakfasts in the morning which I highly recommend, really really nice. Apples, grapes, mangoes, strawberries - you can pretty much put whatever you want in it and I've just been putting a bit of low fat Greek yoghurt on it which is really, really nice. What I found with that as well is; eating that in the morning is keeping me full, so when I'm coming up to dinner time what I've now found is that I've kind of had to revert back to post-op food. I've started to have liquids, so I've had to have soup because I'm still full from my breakfast and I couldn't eat a more textured meal. I probably have about half a portion of soup and then I'm quite ready then for tea time. You know, I've been having chicken breast with boiled potatoes, salad. Probably managing to eat half the chicken, half the potatoes, the majority of the salad but I'm now feeling pleasantly full, so I'm really, really glad now that I'm back to this stage because obviously last week I wasn't feeling as full and I was starting to panic a little bit because obviously I don't want to gain now because I am losing and I am seeing the difference. 

I'm also officially back in the 15 stone club which I've not been in for the past 4 and a half years - a very long time so, you know, I'm very, very happy. I've also got my fill due very, very soon so everything's sort of getting itself into place now and I'm seeing the loss. I'm feeling the loss and you know, knowing that I've got another fill coming up because I'm not yet at restriction, it's just amazing really so I'm really, really happy. I have started to a bit more work in the gym, I'm going 3 times a week now, 45 minutes at a time - I'm doing mild treadmill work, very very light weights but I'm feeling a massive difference now. I did go back to the gym not long after I had the procedure, and although I was still healing and I was taking it easy, I still, you know, there was a bit there where I could feel it was a bit of a struggle but now, I've got so much more energy and it's just amazing how different I feel even though it's not, you know I'm not even 3 months in yet. I'm very close to 3 months in but it's just amazing the difference it's made, I'm really, really happy. 

This week, as well, there was a bit of a challenge. Me and the children went to a concert and we weren't allowed to bring any food in with us so I was kind of, you know, hit with hot-dogs, burgers all that kind of stuff, so what I did in the end was, I got a hot-dog and just had the sausage. It took a lot of willpower because there were so many foods there that were really, really nice that I could have quite happily eaten but I stuck to it and I'm quite proud of myself actually while the kids were sat there with the popcorn and everything else I was sat there. Its just not worth going off the track now because I'm really, really happy and I think it is showing now so next time I see you I'll be a week away from getting my second fill, so I shall see you all then. Bye!

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