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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 12

As the warmer weather continues, Lisa finds that the hot weather can come with some challenges. Keeping up with the exercise and having another fill prove to be successful for Lisa this week!

Video Transcription

We've included a transcript below to help:

Lisa tells us how she dealt with the warmer weather and what challenges she faced as a consequence. She also talks about her improved exercise routine and diet changes!

Hey everybody, so this week has been an interesting week. We've had quite a hot week again, actually the weather's been unusually nice for this time of year. So that has meant another change of food. I've been having a lot more liquids this week. I've found myself drifting back to smoothies and I’ve been having a lot of yogurts, low-fat, and generally it's kind of refreshing not to be eating a full meal but having the smaller meals. It just seems to be now I can't have bread specifically white bread. I can have wholemeal, that's okay. But white bread I just can't have and I'm finding that when I am eating it, I can feel it getting stuck so I'm just stopping. I'm not even going to attempt to even chew it up into even smaller pieces. I'm just not going to go there because I've had a stuck incident and I don't want one anymore. Plus knocking white bread off the menu isn't going to be a bad thing, so I'm happy just to leave it there. 

I was just looking at other food ideas. Cous Cous I've been having. Love it! Love Cous Cous with a little bit of chilli and you know some tomatoes, really really nice so there's so many different options that I've been able to go for. The only thing that I have struggled with though, although I have been having smoothies and yogurts and that side of liquids, when I have been now and I've needed a drink I have found it difficult only being able to take small sips especially when the weather has been as hot as it has been. Typically with me if I'm having a drink and it's really really hot I would like to have quite a lot of it. But at the minute I've actually been unable to, which isn't brilliant.

So obviously off the back of that, I have just had to have small sips. It's not ideal but obviously when you have the band you do have to take all these things into consideration, and only being able to have small sips of drinks it is one of the things that comes with the band.  My kids love making ice lollies so I've got some sugar-free juice. We've made a load of ice lollies so now when it's getting really hot I'll have a sip, if it's still not quenched my thirst we'll get some of the ice lollies and with them being zero sugar, zero calories, it’s really really healthy and I don't have to feel guilty about having them.

I have been doing a bit more exercise as well. I think last time I spoke to you and I was in the gym three times a week. That's still the same, although I am pushing my sessions a little bit more now. I'm finding I tend to go on the treadmill, I do light weights and I've also started to go on the bikes. Out of the three, for me, I do prefer the treadmill. Just because you can kind of go at your own pace. You can speed it up, you can go slowly if you want to do a cool-down. So for me that's been my main focus whilst I have been at the gym, along with the weights. I'm increasing my sessions just more now so I think last week I was doing around half an hour 45 minutes. I'm now doing an hour in the gym and I'm quite happy actually because although it’s only an extra 15 minutes, those extra 15 minutes pre-band would've been a lot, whereas now I'm not really feeling it. I can tell that gradually I am starting to get healthy from the inside as well, and it's not just about looking at myself from the outside. Which is one of the main points is having the band anyway, so I'm really really happy with that as well. 

In general this, this week has been a good week and I'm glad that coming up to the three month line, that this is where I am. At the beginning of the process before I even went for my consultation, you do read a lot of stories and there’s the good, but then there's always you know the negative ones and that's always a worry and especially when you going in for surgery. You do kind of think is it going to be worth it you know because the gastric band is still in operation at the end of the day, however it is definitely one of the best decisions that I've made in my life and being where I am now I couldn't be happier. I feel better on the inside, I feel as though I'm starting to look better on the outside. My mood has changed, my energy levels have gone up. Everything is going really well so I'm so happy that I am where I am. Once I get this second fill as well. I'm currently on three point five in a 10 mil band I'm not sure what I'm going to be up to but hopefully that's just going to increase the weight loss even more. I'm anxious to see where I'm going to be in another three months time, and because this journey is definitely one of the best ones that I have ever been on. So that's me done for this week. I'll speak to all next week and let you know how my second fill went. So until then, I will see you all soon. bye-bye.

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