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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 13

Lisa has just had her second adjustment and she is feeling the benefits already! Will the restriction stick around?

Video Transcription

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This week Lisa had her second adjustment, and she's definitely feeling the benefits. She also shares her favorite pureed recipe with us!

Hi everybody. So, I've had fill number two. Okay, so after having this fill I felt it straight away. Straight away. Completely different to first time round. The first time around it was a little bit you know fidgety. When it all went in it took a bit longer but this time it was a lot quicker. I felt a difference. The nurse was really good she advised me not to drink a lot all the normal stuff - go onto your liquids and then mush and then you can go onto your solids in small portions. I was really apprehensive this time, I was really worried because I could feel it. I had a little sip of water on the way back as I had a long train journey to get back to Manchester and as soon as I drank the water I could feel it. So yeah, it was really different. So the first few days after having that I was quite wary. I was careful and, looking back on it now, I think I was probably in a bit dramatic.

For me no way one fill was going to be enough. I knew I was going to need the second fill. So yeah I'm really intrigued now to see what's actually going to happen and you know how it's going to affect the weight loss. In regards to going back onto solids I've only been on solids a day and a bit now, and again I don't know if it's just because you know it's me thinking in the back of my head, but I may as well still be on liquids I'm chewing my food that much because I'm just really worried. It has gone down a bit so I'm guessing I probably will need another fill. I don't think I'm at restriction. But you can definitely feel it and it doesn't feel uncomfortable or anything like that at all, but you can feel it and anybody that's had a band you'll kind of get what I mean. It's a weird feeling but you can definitely feel when you are eating. You have to have smaller portions. Not even necessarily smaller portions you know the amount of food that you can actually eat is, for me, I can't eat as much as what I did before this fill. I just can't do it, I'm getting halfway through and yeah. Whether that's because I’ve just had it done or not, I don't know, but I can definitely feel the difference so it's good, it's definitely good thing good. Obviously this is the part of the journey I'm going to see how long you know it's going to be for me to go and book in fill number three because, as I said, I do need it but I definitely want to give this a shot. I'm not going to rush into getting my third fill I'm going to take my time, but yeah it said it's been really interesting and again you know I've had to go back to stage one again with only with the liquids and the purees and then going on to mush which I don't mind because I'm a bit of a wiz at it really. You know, there's quite a lot of things I can make that are nice.

One of the things that I've had which I absolutely am in love with now it's a Pumpkin dip and bruschetta pieces. Literally just get your pumpkin blitz it up a little bit of salt, a little bit of olive oil and you put it so that it's like basically a paste. Little bit of bruschetta, just dunk it in. Its lovely, I've only actually been having that the last two days but it is so nice and it's quite healthy as well so I'm happy with that. But again, I mean maybe the dish is about that big. It's not even, you couldn't even call it a dish and you know I can't even finish that so obviously the second fill is working obviously the signs are there but I just don't think I'm where I need to be yet. So, we'll see how I'm getting on next week when I speak to you, and see how everything is. If I can still feel the fill. If I think I'm going to have to have another fill, which I think I do. But yeah, it's really really interesting it's quite intriguing really to see the difference after you know fill number one and now and now this one’s definitely changed and I could definitely feel it so looking forward to see what the next couple of weeks bring and yeah I shall let it speak to I'll soon let you know how I'm getting on. See you all soon. Bye.

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