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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 14

A week after her second fill, Lisa is finding herself having to adapt to new eating techniques. The excitement for her upcoming holiday sets in too, meaning a shopping trip is in order!

Video Transcription

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Lisa talks us through how she found her second band adjustment, and what effects it's had on her diet and eating techniques. She also sets herself a goal to keep her focused and on track. 


Hi everybody, so I’m now one week post my second fill and i've actually really, really felt it this week. It kind of started to dwindle off a little bit over the last couple of days. Initially after having the fill, I felt it a lot more than the first one. I found that I was having to chew quite a lot for my meals. I've had a couple of stuck incidents, but I think that's just because I've not adapted to having the extra fluid in the band. I have to adapt to it and work out what food I can eat, the size of the portions, how long I have to chew and so all that has been a learning curve for this week. 

It’s started to settle down a bit now. Even though I'm starting to feel fuller than I was before, I still don't think I'm at restriction. I think maybe fill number three or fill number four are going to be the ones for me. I had an extra mil put in at the fill, so that puts me on 4.5ml now.

In regards to my actual weight loss, I'm actually really proud of myself and am still in the fifteen stone club. I've not gained, which is something that was happy about because I've not been here for a long time and I did think oh, maybe I'll lose the weight, and then it will just come back on again but no, I've been really lucky. I have kind of bopped up and down I'm not going to lie it's not plain sailing. So at the moment, now things are kind of starting to settle down, I'm going to be aiming for a weight loss of between three and four pounds per week and I know that completely contradicts everything that I've said before about not going off how much weight I've lost and all those kind of things. Going off dress sizes and I am still going off my dress size and for me that’s the biggest telltale sign of how my body is changing. I can say ‘yes, I want to be three dress size down in the next three months’ realistically how do you even work that out? How do you how do you do that? You can't. So I set myself a realistic weight goal of between three and four pounds. Will I do it every week? Probably not, but as long as there is a loss there, or i'd even be happy maintaining. 

I do still have my treats, I've said it before, I think to completely deny yourself is going to do more harm than good, so I do have treats. I found a couple more low-calorie snacks such as strips of pepper, cucumber, carrots and having a little sour cream and chives dip which is beautiful - especially if it's chilled. That will last me while I'm at work I can quite happily pick at that. Again you know I'm seeing a massive difference in regards to my clothes and even with my appearance. As you can tell, the hair is in a bobble today. Normally I always have it down, I don't like to show my face, but because I can kind of see the changes now I'm quite happy to have my hair tied back in the bobble and I don't feel self-conscious. So yeah, I'm really really happy. 


Definitely looking forward to going on holiday in the next few weeks. Although it's kind of bittersweet, because I can't wear any of my holiday clothes that I had last year because they're all too big but again that’s a good excuse to go and do some holiday clothes shopping so that'll be interesting. Before I was kind of like ‘oh, you know I don't really want to go on holiday having to wear summer clothes’. Those ideas aren't even coming into my head anymore and I think just looking how my mindset has changed as well it's amazing. I've said it once, I'll say it again having this gastric band has definitely been one of the best decisions of my life. I'll speak to you all again next week and let you know how I'm getting on. See how things are going in regards to know the fill, see if I'm still feeling full, if appetites starting to creep back in again. So we'll go through all that next week but for this week that's it for me. So I shall speak to you all soon, bye bye.

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