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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 16

Lisa is still struggling to keep up the motivation after a tough week.

Video Transcription

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Lisa is still lacking the will power and has a tough week. Will she manage to plod through this plateau?

Hi everyone, so me checking in again. Yeah it['s not been the best week again. I'm still really struggling with the food. It's kind of getting to the point where I'm thinking why, just why. Why is it not working? I think it's just one of those things where I'm just going to have to see it through, and although it's not ideal, I think it's just gonna take time. There's nothing really much else that I can do. It's a bit disheartening because I have come so far and I've not long had my second fill, and I thought that it was gonna be on track from this point, and I've just kind of carried on from last week. I'm not letting it get me down too much. I'm just gonna do what I can and not be silly and just kind of plod through it. A realistic weight loss of a pound, I'd be happy with for next week. Do I think it's gonna happen? No, but we're we're just gonna have to wait and see and hopefully it won't be too long until I have my third fill. Hopefully things should get back on track then. 

In regards to me, I'm still actually feeling quite healthy within myself. I'm not feeling down, tired, lethargic anything like that, so it's not as bad as I make out. It's probably me just being dramatic but hopefully next week things will change. So I'll speak to you all then and hopefully things will have got a bit better. See you all soon bye bye.

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