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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 17

Lisa battles to cut down on the junk food snacks and makes some healthy swaps.

Video Transcription

We've included a transcript below to help:

Although her portion sizes are still large, Lisa swaps her regular snacks for some healthy alternatives.

Hi! So here I am again. Yeah, so last time I spoke to you I was talking about setting myself a realistic weekly weight-loss challenge and I was aiming for three to four pounds per week. That's kind of not happened. If anything things have gone really really wrong. I think I must really need that next fill now because my appetite is still there. The portion sizes that I’m eating are still quite large, obviously not as large as they were post-op, but considering the change in portion sizes I was having after the surgery, it has gone up a bit. Also, I'm finding that I'm actually needing it to actually get full. I'm still trying to keep it all healthy, so I'm having potatoes, vegetables and white meat if I can. I'm not eating the most unhealthiest of things, but the portions are still quite large and for me, it's quite a worrying time really because obviously I don't want to end up back in the same situation. 

Any time that I'm eating and I'm trying not to finish the meal, I don't finish. However, what I am eating is more than before. Yes I did set myself this weight loss which I thought was going to be doable, however it's really not been and it's quite worrying. I know it's just one of those things that happens along the way. One of the hurdles that you have to get over, but when I do go on the scales, I'd actually put on one pound.I know in the grand scheme of things a pound isn't a lot, but when you’ve been through this journey I was actually devastated to see that. I was really really upset and I had all these ideas going through my head "Oh what if, what if what if". And I’ve had to take a step back, take a breath and just think and calm down. So yeah, willpower still massively features. 

Anybody that says having a gastric band is a quick fix, it's really not. I can't even explain the amount I have had to try this week and it was only towards the end of the week that I did weigh myself. It's just not a good feeling. So I think the sooner I get booked in for my next fill, the better. I think it's going to put my mind at rest and it's going to stop me worrying. But you do worry and I was quite surprised about how much it did actually affect me. I knew that if I did put on, I was going to be a bit gutted, but when I actually saw it on the scales I just I couldn't believe it because I just never thought that was going to happen. I've heard stories and I've read things and seen other people's blogs where people have said they've put on. I said "oh no, that'll never be me". Now is the time to pull my socks up and get things back in gear because obviously I don't want to put on. I am still on the 15-stone Club which is a bonus because if I wasn't I would be devastated. It's time to put things into perspective now really, and I just need to push myself and I am still going to the gym two times a week. I found that going the three times a week it's just not doable anymore, so I'm going twice and I am having longer sessions to make up for missing out on that extra day. So that's obviously got to be helping.

Again, I suppose one of the good things about having these larger meals now - not that it's a good thing - but I'm not snacking in between meals. Before obviously when I was snacking it was on the healthy things. Cucumber sticks, carrot sticks things like that. I'm just not feeling the need now, so it's literally breakfast, dinner, tea and then that's it. I'm done. But when I do get my next fill, hopefully things will change a lot. I would like to keep breakfast, dinner, tea and not have to snack in between, I really would. But obviously just at smaller sizes. So, I will check in with you all again next week after I've given my head of wobble and see if I can get rid of this extra pound that I put on and also see if I can get a bit more of a loss as well. Hopefully I'll have some news about booking in for fill number three, so we'll see how things go. All in all it's not been a fantastic week but it's not been the worst. So I shall see you all soon. I'm looking forward to speaking to you. bye bye.

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