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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 18

A relaxing holiday and a 2lb loss helps Lisa unwind after a stressful few weeks.

Video Transcription

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Lisa talks weight loss, flying with a gastric band and bikini confidence!

Hey everybody! So this week has been a bit of a better week. I have had a weight loss. It's not been the three pounds that I wanted to, but I have lost two pounds so I'm happy with that. I was starting to worry, as you could probably tell last week that things weren't going well. I'm happy with the two pounds. At least I'm heading back in the right direction now. I was a bit worried because, as you can probably tell, I'm now on holiday! Not the best place to be if you're trying to lose weight. I don't know about you guys but when I'm away that's typically the time when I binge eat, and if it's not binge eating, it's eating things that aren't necessarily the healthiest of things. So, it's going to be a bit interesting. 

I arrived a couple of days ago the flight was absolutely fine. This will have been the third flight that I've been on now since having my band. First two flights I went on, there and back, they were two hours. This one was just over two and a half. I did have something to eat on the plane this time. I didn't last time, but it was fine. I only had and a small packet of the miniature Pringles and a little bit of fruit. I also had some Diet Coke. The last time I didn't have Diet Coke because I was told to kind of avoid fizzy drinks on flights because I read things on the internet about people finding the band went tight. So, first time round I avoided it. This time I did have some and it was absolutely fine, and I was really really comfortable. Obviously, I do have more my band now (14.5), but it didn't seem to make any difference whatsoever. It was a really really pleasant flight. 

Since being here, I've just been really careful with my food and I've actually eaten quite healthily, which is bizarre. Because you do find that you are tempted more on holiday. I've had some paella I've been having a lot of salads, a lot of fresh fruit in the morning. So it's been really good. The weather as you can see is beautiful. So we've been doing a lot more activities. Me and the kids have been out on the beach! It's really good because I'm now finding that I'm able to do things with them for longer that I couldn't before. Yesterday we practically spent the whole day in the pool. There was water shoots and it was just amazing. We went to the beach, we were playing in the waves and literally we have not stopped. I felt as though I've had more energy. So yeah, it's been brilliant. I mean I know I'm only two days in, but I can feel the difference this time around already. I'm not feeling as tired, especially with the heat. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the rest of the holiday pans out, but as long as it all carries on as it has done, I think we're going to have an absolutely amazing time. I'm feeling a lot more comfortable in the clothes as well. Not quite down to bikini yet, but I am wearing a swim dress. I've not been wearing coverups or anything like that, apart from going to and from the pool. Whereas before I'd wear a cover-up in the water as well. But I think because I have had this weight loss now I am feeling that bit more confident. So I will check in with you all again next week. I shall still be here and I'll let you all know how it's going. So I shall speak to you all soon. Bye bye!

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