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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 19

Lisa looks back over her holiday and compares it to previous family holidays. She talks about food choices, weight loss and confidence.

Video Transcription

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After a surprising holiday weight loss, Lisa recaps her time away and talks confidence and food choices.

Hi everybody! So I’m now back off my holidays, and things went really well. I'm really happy. I lost three pounds when I was away, which I was not expecting to do at all! I definitely thought that I was going to put on. I think sometimes, as I said last time, when you're on a holiday you go a bit excessive. Obviously with the band it's quite hard to do that, but I was maybe not necessarily eating too much, but eating things that I probably shouldn't and not the most healthiest of options, but it didn't really happen. 

I think the heat, for one, didn't make me want to eat as I normally would do. Again, I found myself heading towards more cold things so I've been having a lot of salads and fruit in the morning, smoothies, water. I've not really had that many fizzy drinks. Normally back home, even post op, I was drinking a lot of diet coke because obviously it was zero cal. I had a few when I was over there, it was just really water and juice that I was having. Overall I think it's gone well. I was in and out the pool with the kids and in the sea, and I think that the exercise combined with everything else have had really good effects. 

In regards to activities - swimming, going in the pool, and beach et cetera - I've actually noticed a massive difference compared to the last family holiday that we went on with children. Previously I was limited to what I could do, but there were certain things that I didn't really feel comfortable doing. For example, I would play with them, but I was tired and this time it's just completely different. Last time I always had a cover-up on as well, I think I mentioned it last time, but It didn't really bother this time. I was quite happy in my costume, and for me and I'm sure for everybody else male or female, when you are in that situation - whether you are at the beach, at the pool, at the gym - and there's kind of a certain attire that you have to wear, it can be quite daunting. Previously, I have always had a cover up on and a sarong, even covering my arms up. But this time I just thought ‘You know what I don't actually care! I'm quite happy with myself at the minute.’ Because to be fair it's been a very long time since I've been on holiday and even though I'm nowhere near where I want to be, I’m happy with myself. At night as well, again previously I would wear cover-ups for my arms and I've just not done it. I've gone and I've had my sleeveless dresses on, and I felt really comfortable. I think that shows how much you have going through your head when you are in that position, because I wasn't in previously thinking about 'Oh we'll go out for a nice meal tonight' or 'We'll go out and watch this show tonight'. I was always thinking 'If we're going here, I need to make sure this is covered up, or that is covered up. What can I wear? Does this go with that, does that go with that?' and it ruins it, it ruins the experience. Whereas this time it was literally, 'Alright let's go down and watch the show tonight' Dress on. Gone. There was no messing around with it and it's such a weight off my shoulders to that point. It's just brilliant so I've had an absolutely fantastic time. 

I would still say that I do need another fill, but I think I'm getting very close now. So that will be my next job to be booked in for fill number three. Yeah, I’d definitely say to anybody it's kind of mind over matter. As I said, just looking back at the difference in between how i've been on this holiday and other holidays, it's amazing and obviously a lot of it's down to me and my mindset. I wouldn't be even in this place if it wasn't for having the band it just makes me realize how actually lucky I am to be able to do this, because a lot of people don't get the chance to. So I'm really going to make the most of mine and I'm really excited to see where we are at this time next year for the summer holidays! Hopefully i'll be at my goal dress size and we'll see what attire I shall be in then. But that's it for me for this week, I shall speak to you all again soon. That's it for me! Bye.

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