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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 2

Week 2 post-op and Lisa recounts her experience with the liquid only part of the post-op diet and her recovery from surgery.

Video Transcription

We've included a transcription of the video below.

Lisa talks about her feelings about her progress since the operation took place two weeks ago.

Hi everybody so I'm now at the end of my first two weeks post op. Things are actually going better than I expected.The novelty all the liquid foods  though is definitely starting to wear off and I am glad that next week I'm going to be moving on to the mushed and puréed stage. I've been trying my best but you know there's only so much you can do with liquids. I definitely say you know, don't just stick with soups, alternate it, have soups,  shakes and yoghurts if you can, because otherwise, you know, you are going to find yourself being tempted, I was.

It did take a lot of willpower to not have something that I shouldn't too early, but I've got there and I'm really really happy to be moving on to next week, and to be completely honest I think that's probably, you know one of the things that I struggle with most because I do like to have  texture to my meals and I was finding liquids alone are quite boring. So I definitely think that when I move on to that next week, that's going to, you know, I think it's going to fill me a lot more, not that I've ever felt hungry, I just think that I'm going to feel more satisfied, with food  that's got more texture to it. So I'm really looking forward to that.

In regards to me after surgery, I feel brilliant, zero pain whatsoever now. I was still a bit sore last week, obviously, but that's completely gone.  Went back to work, so I've been in work for the last week, absolutely fine no issues whatsoever. I was a bit nervous about going back into work, getting myself into a panic no reason thinking "oh what if I have something and it gets stuck" or I feel sick but I think all of that was just, you know,  just things that were playing on my mind and it hasn't happened, it's been absolutely fine so you know that's absolutely brilliant. 

In regards to the surgery itself, the scars are healing well, I can definitely see they're on their way there, so that's brilliant, really really happy with that. Again though, I'm just quite eager now to get onto this next stage of the post op diet. I think going onto the mushed up and pureed  stage, it's going to give me a little bit more of a better idea of what portion sizes I'm going to be able to have, because at the minute on liquids, you can't really gauge that. That's going to be quite interesting, but in general, this second week has been a tricky week, but it's been worth it  and I do actually feel like I do have that bit more energy now. When I'm waking up in the morning and it's not taking me as long to get up,  and yeah I can definitely see that there's a change, you know, is happening. A small one but I can definitely see it.

I have lost some weight, which is really really good I'm really happy with that and a couple of people have started to, you know, say "are you losing a bit of weight?"and I've said "have I?" you know, but it's nice to know it's working and people are actually starting to notice it, so I'm really  really happy with that.

So that's it, next time I speak to you I will have done a week of my pureed stage of the post op diet, so I shall speak to you all then, see you soon, bye.

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