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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 20

Lisa talks about her indulgent food choices this week and how she's on the verge of dropping another dress size.

Video Transcription

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After an indulgent week, Lisa still comes out on top with a loss. Time to move down to the next dress size!

Hi everybody. So this week has been quite a good week. I'm really surprised. I've lost another two pounds so I'm happy about that. Yeah, as said I was quite surprised because this week I've had a little bit of an indulgent week, I should say. There's been a few parties and events and stuff that I've gone to, and the food that's been there hasn't been the healthiest. The kids are off school as well so obviously going to burger bars and all those kind of places. I have been careful when I've been there I've not been silly. So, if I'm having a burger, I'm taking the bread away just eating the meat. There's been a couple of things there that I probably shouldn't have had. I probably treated myself a few many times. I have still been going to the gym, so obviously that's going to be counteracted and I have still managed to have a weight loss this week so I am really happy. 

A good thing as well I am now on the verge of dropping another dress size. So yeah really happy about that. I'm going to be going out shopping later today and see how it goes then. As I've said before for me it's not necessarily how much weight I've lost, I feel it more in regards to dress sizes - things that I can see. So I'm really really happy about that. I can also see it more as well now when I'm in the mirror. I can see I've kind of got a bit more of a waist. I was a little bit worried this week but things have actually gone really well. I am going to be looking at booking fill number three very soon because I do think I need that little bit of a extra boost now. As i've said before many times, I don't think I am at restriction. So hopefully that will get into play soon but overall I'm happy this week that I've had a loss. I'm extra happy that I'm dropping a another dress size and things are going really really well. So I shall speak to you all again very soon. But until then bye-bye.

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