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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 22

Things get back on track for Lisa this week as she manages to control her cravings and comes to terms with her steady weight loss.

Video Transcription

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Things are looking up this week for Lisa. The cravings get under control and the prospect of a slow but steady weight loss is seeming more promising!

Hi everybody, so this week has been a lot better week. As you can probably tell I'm not as down in the dumps and feeling sorry for myself. Don't get me wrong, I've still got the cravings and urges, but I've actually managed to control it really well and I've not acted on it. My portion sizes as well, I've been able to keep quite small. I suppose I was just thinking it's one of those things. To get the opportunity to actually have the brand in the first place, it is a big deal and obviously these hurdles are going to come along the way, but to let it get me down and for me to start questioning it, just it's just silly really. I just needed to give my head a bit of a wobble. As I said, I've kind of turned it round and although the hunger has still been there, i've not let it get me down and as I've said, I've kept my portion sizes relatively small. 

I've eaten loads, loads and loads, of fruit and veg this week so I think that in itself is filling me up and that's probably knocking away a lot of the hunger. I've lost two pound, well kind of between two and three pounds so I'm really happy with that, really happy. 

Obviously before I had the band, I looked into it and thought 'Oh i'll be losing loads and loads of weight each week', you know 'six, seven, eight pound' like just ridiculous really and obviously it's not been that way it has been more steady. Although i've had my weeks where I've not lost anything at all, I've still not put anything on so in that respect I am really really happy with the way that things are going. I'm hoping my goal will be to be out of the 15-stone Club within the next couple of months. I know if I really got myself in gear and focused on it, I probably could achieve it within four weeks, but I don't want to put myself under that kind of pressure because as I've said before for me it's not really about the amount of weight that I lose that I tell how much I'm losing, if that make sense. I've always gone off dress sizes, so I don't really say 'I want to lose this much' not lose it and then be kicking myself because any loss, is a good loss. So I don't really want to put a negative spin on it. But yeah, I mean I would ideally like to be there, and I think getting into that kind of region will probably equate to losing another dress size. 

When I started this journey I was a size 22 and now I'm an 18 and that's baggy. As I said last week, I'm on the verge of fitting into a 16 so that in itself is amazing for me. I've not been where I am now for a very long time very so I'm definitely not gonna not be excited about it. Holidays that I've been on, I just felt so much more comfortable and even looking towards the end of the year with Christmas parties, birthday parties, things like - I'm actually really really excited now about going and getting clothes, and all the different things that I'm going to be able to do. It's just an amazing feeling really. I look back well on this time last year and it was just completely different. So yeah I'm really really happy. 

This week has been a good week and yeah I'm so impressed with the way that things have gone. I am booked in now for fill number three. I'm due to have that in just under two weeks time. So obviously, when that's done as well that's gonna help things along the way. I'm back in my happy place because I've been a bit grumpy the last couple of weeks. It's not probably the best thing to watch but yeah I am. I'm really really excited now I'm really really positive about the way that things are going. Next time I speak to you hopefully I'll still be in the same mindset and things all still be going well. So I shall speak to you all next week. See you soon bye bye.

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