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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 23

Things are back on track as Lisa fights the cravings and has a 2lb loss

Video Transcription

We've included a transcript below to help:

Lisa gets things back on track and is starting to notice the changes in her body. 

Hi everybody! So, this week has been a much better week. Yeah, I've been really happy this week. I've kind of turned everything around and just really fought against the cravings and stuff that I've had. I've done really well. I've even managed to have a weight loss. I've had a loss of two pounds - but two pounds is still two pounds. I'm really really happy with that. I've started to notice as well now, not only is my dress sizes - trousers, tops et cetera - changing, my cup size in my bra - I've gone down a cup size and I've also gone down a back size as well. I only really noticed it the other day. They just don't fit me anymore. So again, it's an excuse to go and get some nice new underwear. Again, it's another one of those things I'm noticing a lot more now. I think was probably a bit hard on myself the last couple of weeks and I probably got a bit down in the dumps and I didn't really need to, I’m happy now and definitely seeing some changes.

I'm only at the gym once a week now. I've not been able to get there twice because I've just moved to a new house and I'm finding it really difficult to fit it into my routine going two or three times a week. At the moment, I've only been going once. Even though it is only the once, I am making the most of it when I'm there. So, I think that's probably impacted on the fact that I have had a weight loss. So yeah, I'm really happy. It's not just me that's noticing the weight starting to slip off again. I have been getting a lot of compliments when I’ve been out and it's actually really nice. There were two old women in the queue behind me at the shop the other day and the paid me just a random compliment and I thought Oh, you know, it was it was just really really strange but it was really really lovely as well and it does just give you that boost. So definitely my days of being down in the dumps have gone now. Yeah, I'm looking forward to the way that things are moving on. So yeah, it’s been a much better week. I'm really looking forward to speaking as you all soon and hopefully I'm going to be aiming for a weight loss of between two and three pounds. So, I shall let you all know how things go. Bye!

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