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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 27

Lisa's energy is back in full force! Winter walks in the park and days out with the children are new experiences for Lisa. 

Video Transcription

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Will Lisa manage to achieve her Christmas goal of a size 14?

Hi everybody. So this week has been another very positive week. I'm feeling really good. I'm booked in now for fill number three again, which is fantastic. Really excited about getting that done now because it's been a bit hit and miss. Trying to get round to the appointments and everything has been a bit of a nightmare. But I’m booked in now for fill number three, which is good. In myself I'm feeling fantastic. I don't know what it is but I seem to have had this burst of random energy and I don't know where it's come from. I am not complaining at all. Well, normally around this time of year because it's starting to go kind of darker, earlier, before I just kind of thought  'Oh right, well just roll with it' kind of thing and just sit in the sofa and put your pyjamas on and not really do much. Whereas this time I'm finding that even though it is getting colder and I'm still finding things to do. I'm still wanting to go out with the kids. We'll go to the park and play in the leaves and all those kinds of things. Whereas before I really couldn’t be bothered doing that. ‘It's too cold, it's too this, it's too that’, I’m not bothered at all now. We've had some good adventures. We taken them to the local country park and we went on a big long walk collecting autumn leaves and conquers. It was so nice. It was a really nice day and this time last year, I just wouldn't have done it. Which sounds bad, but I just wouldn't have had the energy to walk around somewhere and that big. I would have been absolutely shattered. Whereas this time I was really up for it and it's nice to know that it's impacting the kids as well now. I'm getting to do more stuff with them which was the goal from day one. So yeah really happy.

Very, very nearly into my sixteens. I bought them. I bought the jeans that I wanted. They're going on they’re just that little bit off from fastening but the fact that I just got them on - I'm quite happy with to start with. Going along the kind of clothes, dress, kind of route - my works Christmas party is coming up quite soon in beginning of December. I'm going to test myself. Well I say I'm going to test myself - whether I do it or not is a different story. But I am going to buy a dress in a smaller size and I'm going to use that as my goal for Christmas. I'm a bit nervous because I'm thinking 'Oh, what if I get it and it doesn't fit and it's a quite a lot of money to waste' but on the flip side it's quite a good incentive for me because I won't want to spend that kind of money and not be able to benefit from it at the end. So that's my plan. Because I'm quite close to getting into 16 now, I'm very tempted to buy a 14 and have that as my goal. We're in October now, so I've still got quite a while to be able to do it. Things have fitted into place now, with me being able to get to the gym. So I'm a lot more confident that that kind of weight loss is actually achievable. If I think about when I started this journey, I was a dress size 22 and I'm now an 18 (getting quite close to a 16). So I have dropped three dress sizes within the space of four or five months. So another month and a half to drop one in a bit. It could be achievable, that's what I'm aiming for. So that's my goal for December.     

So obviously in the weeks leading up to then I can obviously tell you guys how I'm getting on and how things are going, but things are fantastic. I looked at my scars the other day, for the first time in ages. I've actually just not noticed they were there, and the reason why is because you can hardly notice them. They've settled so well. Obviously, I'm quite far down the line now. They're looking fantastic. I think the only reason that I notice them is because I know they're there. But for anybody else, they wouldn't have a clue. You would not have a clue they were there. The surgeons did an fantastic job so I couldn't be happier. This week's been a good week so I shall check in with you all again next week and let you know how things are going then. I shall speak to all soon. Bye bye.

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