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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 28

Lots of exercise and healthy eating has enabled Lisa to get into her size sixteens. Bring on a size 14!


Video Transcription

We've included a transcript below to help:

Lisa gets into those size sixteens and makes plans for the next size down!

Hi everybody! So, this week I have got into my size sixteens! Really happy. Couldn't believe it! All my hard work has finally paid off and I'm ecstatic. I cannot tell you how good it was to get them on and be able to button them up and not be squeezing into them. To have them feel comfy! I went and had a little mini shopping spree. I got myself some new size 16 clothes. I've not gone too mad though because obviously I don't want to get complacent. My goal is to be a twelve ideally. I think that the walking I've been doing has helped. I've not being getting fed up with the gym, but I've just not been really feeling it as much to have done before. So, I'm actually quite lucky. Where I live, about a 15/20-minute drive away, we've got a massive big country park. It's huge! Miles and miles and miles. So, I've been going on walks round there and I found myself being out for like two hours/two and a half hours. Basically, I drop the kids off at school then off I go. It's hilly so it's up and down so I can feel that it's really working. I can feel it on my legs. But the crazy thing as well is, I remember going there like last year, before the Op, and I was struggling to even get halfway up, even into the entrance of the park. I was really struggling. I could really feel it. Whereas now you know, I marched up there no problem and I walked all the way around. I was in the woods going through the field. It was absolutely amazing and afterwards I really felt like I'd pretty much done a gym session and obviously it's worked because I'm in my jeans now! 

I've also had fill number three. Which has probably got a lot to do with it as well. Feeling it now. Whether I need another fil, I'm not sure. I think this could be it for me now. It's still early days. It was only five days ago when I had my third fill. She's put in 1.3ml into my band, so I'm getting up there gradually. Portion sizes have literally halved from what they were before. You can remember me saying that they were starting to creep back and get slightly bigger. Nowhere near that now, at all, and I actually feel full. 

Again, like normally if I've been out for the day, if I've been doing loads of walking, I think I'm just going to have something nice to eat. Before, I could eat loads but now I literally have a half a side plate and I'm full. It's not even like I need to stop myself and think 'Right I really don't need to eat this'. Now I'm feeling full, so therefore I think maybe I'm either at restriction or very close. So yeah, my fill went really well. Literally in and out, two seconds. The nurse was lovely. She was fantastic. 

We looked at my weight when I first came from my fill. Even though it's been in dribs and drabs, it's not been like huge weight losses that I've had, I've lost three stone and that's a lot! It really is a lot! I was quite surprised really you know when you do look back and think 'Wow that is a big amount of weight to have lost' and it's amazing really. I think I can see it more now that I've hit my target that I've set myself. So I think it's more than realistic for me to buy that size 14 dress for my Christmas party. I’ll see how it goes but I'm feeling fantastic. 

Things couldn't be better. This week has been absolutely great. I'm over the moon and I'm looking onwards and upwards now and I'm excited to see where I am within the next couple of months. I think this third fill is going to aid me a lot. Going to keep up with the walking and sticking to the three meals everyday - no picking in between. I think I'm going to be heading for good things. So, smiley face! It'll be smiley next time I see you and I shall speak to you all soon. Hopefully things will still be going as well. See you all soon. Bye.    

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