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Lisa's Gastric Band Diary - Week 29

A size 14 and 14 stones. Lisa sets her next goal and reflects on this weeks achievements.

Video Transcription

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Lisa gets into the fourteen stone club! Will she make it into a size 12 by Christmas?

Hey everybody! So, this week has been another really good week. I am now not only in a size 16, but I am also back in the 14 stone club. Cannot believe it! Literally cannot believe it. I have not been in the 14 stones since I was seventeen. I think this fill has definitely helped. My portions are still really small. I'm feeling full when I've had them. I'm not getting hungry in between meals so I'm not even having to make myself think 'oh I really can't eat that'. I’m just keep myself busy. It's not even entering my mind.

I've found the the physical exercise that I'm doing now so much easier. I feel like I've got an even bigger boost of energy. As I said last time, I've been doing a lot of walks in our country park and if I look back to when I started, and look at what I'm doing now, I’m doing exactly the same route. Works out at maybe three or four and a half miles. I've nearly halved the time and it's been completely unintentional. I've not thought 'right I'm really going to push myself today and see if I can get a quicker time'. I suppose my body has kind of adapted to it because I'm feeling healthier now and I'm feeling the extra energy. Yeah, I couldn't believeit when I looked at my watch today and I thought 'Have I really done that in that time' and not to even feel more tired, or sweaty, or anything like that. I just felt as though I've done it as I normally did it. So obviously now I can maybe look at boosting that a bit. Maybe do a longer walk and push myself a little bit extra.

So yeah, now I'm in the fourteens it's just unbelievable. Definitely 100% that size 14 Christmas dress is being bought, and if I've got to go and get it altered to a size 12, I will be perfectly happy to do that because the way things are going at the minute, I'm really optimistic. With Christmas coming up I was worrying, and I know it's weeks and weeks away, but Christmas is that time where you do start to indulge a bit on things that you probably not supposed to and eat more than you supposed to. I was thinking 'Oh god', but I'm not even worried. Because there's been stuff in for the kids, and it's been crisps and chocolates and all sorts and that feeling of 'Oh I could just have a biscuit’, It's just not even there. I physically do not feel the need to do it. Also, I'm seeing results like this and I can see that I'm losing the weight. I can feel that I've got more energy. I can see in the clothes sizes that I'm getting smaller. I just don't want to do it and my mindset has completely switched.

So, I am so happy. Very very happy lady. So that's it for me for this week. Short and sweet but rest assured I'll be back next week and I am still aiming for a weight loss 100%. Not going to get complacent. I'm going to stick at it. Probably going to go a bit longer as I said in the mornings for my walk and yeah hopefully they'll be more good news because things are going absolutely fantastic. I've no issues with food getting stuck. When I had the fill, for the first couple of days I was struggling a little bit because I wasn't really too sure you know where I could go when I spoke about that last week. There were a couple of times when it felt a bit tight but obviously I adapted to it and things have worked out brilliantly. But now this week I've absolutely flown. No issues whatsoever. No stuck incidents. No feeling sick. I'm able to drink what I want. Eat within reason. So yeah, absolutely brilliant could not be happier. So, I shall see you all again next week and as I said hopefully it'll be more good news. See you all soon. Bye!

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